Everybody talking saying you will be walking
This neighborhood will never be the same
You said we'd understand.
You found out what's happening now.
So we all sat down and you broke the news.

Now Daddy don't love her anymore.
It's still life with Cooley
Now Daddy don't love her anymore.
It's just still life with Coolly.

All your friends show on time.
They come in bringing red wine.
You said if it's over then we'll go in style.
You better best take care keep one hand to your ear
So you're not left hanging when they're finally gone.


Watcha' saying?
You're going to stay of at St. Madigan's?
(reeled in again)
You're just fooling around fooling around

People hanging with their good friends
Listening to those old songs.

Now Daddy don't love her anymore.
It's still life with Cooley
Now Daddy don't love her anymore.
It's just still life
It's just still life with Cooley.

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    I think that this song may have a "prodigal son" type theme to it. "Saying you will be walking" sounds like a reference to someone who just barely avoided jail (when maybe they didn't deserve to). Afterwards, it seems as though everyone is throwing this guy a party in celebration. Furthermore, it seems that the one organizing the party may be the father. Meanwhile, "Daddy don't love her" may be the father ignoring the daughter who has always done right while he feasts attention on his "prodigal son" instead. This is what I get out of it at least.
    ScreenNameNeededon September 08, 2010   Link
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    General Comment
    This song is perfect in summing up what was wrong with that wave of 90’s “alt-rock” (pop) that came around from about 94-99… I was in junior high back then so I, unfortunately, experienced it first hand. Plus, a friend of mine loved.. and still loves.. all those bands like Eve 6, Our Lady Peace, Sponge, Tonic, Sugar Ray, etc. Did you ever hear a song that makes you feel embarrassed for the person singing it? Yeah, that’s this. Those “good time, heart warming” lyrics just make me cringe. Labels were out signing each and every band that played poppy, radio friendly alt-rock, so the radio was flooded with them. But just as quickly as they came, they disappeared… Most of these bands are still playing/releasing music, but other than people in their late 30s/40s, no one else is really interested. Really, think about that… The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, and Kiss… bands that have been around 50+ years… you can go to a concert and see younger kids there, enjoying it. But bands like Better Than Ezra and The Clarks… They’re playing small clubs to small audiences of people strictly over 35. But that’s what happens with these two-dimensional groups that lack the substance and depth required to make them appealing beyond being a one hit wonder riding on the fad of the decade.
    N9inchnails9on May 18, 2022   Link

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