"Soul Mate" as written by and Frank John Musker Dominic Bugatti....
I know whereof I speak
Believe me
When it comes to the subject
Of loneliness look it up you'll see
There's a picture of me
But that's ancient history now
Now when it comes to the subject
Of happiness I'm the man to see
And my advice in summary:
Look for a soul mate
Someone whose love will go the Distance
Stop collecting only temporary hearts
Just find a soul mate
And then let go of your resistance
You'll live happy ever after from the start
You need a soul mate
Before your house of cards collapses
Whose devotion's like a candle in the night
Locate a soul mate
To help you navigate the rapids
That rise up along the river of your life
It's you or do my eyes deceive me?
Like divine intervention
You gave your heart to me for keeps
I knew I was in deep
This feeling I have it never leaves me
What a perfect invention
Love is
It soothes the savage beast
These words of wisdom
I repeat:

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    Song MeaningHow lucky is the man who finds the right woman in this life! A soul mate – someone where my soul will only rest until it rests in thee… (DANA)

    Songs have been made about the misses in life… like the line from a Barry Manilow song “We have the right love at the wrong time” … A Freestyle song also goes like this - "Bakit ngayon ka lang dumating sa buhay ko..." (Why did you come into my life just now?

    But I digress…

    Going back to SOUL MATE, here is what I think it means...

    The first stanza talks about a man who used to be alone and lonely that’s why he considered himself an expert on the subject of “Loneliness”.

    But that would soon change (“become ancient history”) and become a thing of the past because the second stanza would talk about the man being able to find the true happiness in his life, the love of his life, his soul mate … and so he becomes an expert of the subject “Happiness” and can now provide sound advice to others …

    What about his advice?

    The words of wisdom he shared to finding the right soul mate are:

    1) “someone who would go the distance” – someone who believes in long-term relationships, deep commitment,
    2) “stop collecting temporary hearts” – the man being given advice should not go for “short-term relationships” which refer to flings or affairs, and does not lead to true happiness
    3) “let go of your resistance” – the man being given advise should change his paradigm and focus on long-term relationships and must look for a woman who believe in the same thing
    4) “you’ll live happy ever after” – doing so would lead to real happiness with the right partner and yes, believe that there is still “forever in love”
    5) find a soul mate at the right time “before your house of cards collapses” - which refers to an old past-time of standing up playing cards together in the form of a house. This "structure or house of cards", having no solid foundation, can fall apart at any time from the slightest action (wind, slight pressure). This can also refer to being in the right mature age when both partners are ready physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually to raise a family.
    6) find a soul mate whose “devotion’s like a candle in the night” – this refers to a deep commitment and fidelity because a candle gives light and signifies the truth. This is exactly the opposite of the metaphor to a “lady of the night”.
    7) find a soul mate who can “help you navigate the rapids that rise up along the river of your life” – this refers to the right partner who can be with you through the ups and downs of life, who will stand by your side, in health or sickness, for richer or poorer…

    The third stanza talks directly of finding the right one (the Soul Mate) referred to as “You” in the song, which makes the man doubtful at first but then comes to his senses that the woman he was looking for was heaven sent (divine intervention)… This woman is described to have given her undying and unconditional love to him (“you gave your heart to me for keeps”).

    The man finds that he is also deeply in love with the woman and concludes that “true love does exist” (“what a perfect invention love is!). Finally, the man accepts that finding his true love and soul mate has tamed his foolish, wandering heart (“It soothes the savage beast”), making him ready to settle down.

    And the man repeats his advise to other men out there… including you and me! :D
    Johnzkion December 31, 2015   Link

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