"Johnee Jingo" as written by and Todd Rundgren....
He was just fifteen, he was a new trainee
He lied about it for the opportunity
To defend the border his life was sworn
Though not a generation was native born
Johnee Jingo
Johnee Jingo
He had lost the battle but won the war
When the generals said he couldn't fight no more
He was proud and bitter at what he'd done
So he passed it off to his favorite son
Johnee Jingo
Johnee Jingo
Jingo don't you fight for me
Jingo don't you speak for me
To the man who owns the land
We're all the same
But when his grip begins to slip
Then he'll be calling out your name
Johnee Jingo
And the throne, the pulpit, and the politician
Create a thirst for power in the common man
It's a taste for blood passed off as bravery
Or just patriotism hiding bigotry

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"Johnee Jingo" as written by Todd Rundgren

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Johnee Jingo song meanings
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    Song MeaningThis song is by far, one of the most over looked anti-war songs going.
    Johnee Jingo is one of the troop war songs, that they used to sing,
    Todd Rundgren is saying, Don't you dare sing for me soldier, don't sing for me
    i don't want anything to do with you war,
    don't even fight for me i don't want any part of this death fueled plot.
    Luker223on June 02, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThe song is actually about Jingoism. It is somewhat anti-war in that it is anti-jingoism. Jingoism is an extreme sort of nationalism where violence and threats are considered appropriate in order to keep one's own country safe from any other country or its influence. The line "Or just patriotism hiding bigotry" sums the idea up well as most jingoists are averse to having any foreign people in their country.
    chelath200on September 09, 2012   Link
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    General CommentI think that it is about propaganda and right wing politics
    Johnee Jingo is joining the army, but I think that extreme Republicans don't tell the young soldiers about the bad things in war.
    And the Lefties are talking about the futility, Jingo don't you fight for me.
    And How war can be covering up racism , or just patriotism hiding bigotry.
    Great song, Todd.
    FanOfToddR.on May 25, 2016   Link

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