"International Feel" as written by and Todd Rundgren....
Here we are again, the start of the end,
But there's More
I only want to see if you'll give up on me
But there's always More

There is More, International Feel
And there's More, Interplanetary Deals
But there's More, Interstellar Appeal
Still there's More, Universal Ideal

Still there's More, International Feel
I swear something lies
In your ears and your eyes
'Cause there's More

You hear and you see yet you do not believe
That there's always More
(I know)

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"International Feel" as written by Todd Rundgren

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    General Commentfreakin' sweet song. got me into TR after I saw it in "Electrorama". It's still my favorite song by him for sure, and a great intro to the A Wizard side.
    JustAnotherOnionHeadon March 30, 2009   Link
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    My InterpretationI've listened to this song since high school in the 70's. I always loved the music but didn't know what to make of the lyrics other than they just seemed like abstract run-on ideas and hallucinatory images much in the style of some of the trippier Beatles songs.

    But after recently finding a 1973 interview with Todd discussing his ideas about the concept of Utopia and levels of communication, I'm starting to think International Feel was never intended as abstract, but rather as something of a manifesto for the album A Wizard, a True Star.

    Basically I see the song as Rundgren urging people to keep moving forward musically (and socially), on to new ideas and more complex levels of communication. To not just fix on familiar and everyday things that you already enjoy and understand, but to push past those. The repeated phrase "There's always more" is the essential promise of the song and the album. It is central to Rundgren's idea of Utopia, which is that communication and experience is unlimited, there's always more to be experienced--you shouldn't dwell too long on what you already know.

    In the 1973 interview, he talked about how he's intentionally avoided writing a pop song like "I Saw The Light" from Something/Anything, even though writing those types of songs would be easy and profitable for his career. He stated that once he's done something, he doesn't want to do it again, he wants to move forward.

    The idea that Todd no longer a pop star is central to A Wizard, A True Star. He begins the new album with International Feel and the opening statement "Here we are again, the start of the end" The song begins with us living in the present, in our daily routine, which from our ordinary perspective is familiar and safe, but Rundgren is suggesting it's "the start of the end." In other words, routine is also a road block to what comes next. There's more we can be doing and new ways of approaching communication and life.

    "I only want to see if you'll give up on me" He's asking if you'll take this new musical journey with him, or if you'll give up because it's not the same musical journey he took on the previous album. This I interpret as the central challenge of the album... given that Wizard was considerably more experimental than Something/Anything.

    The trippy part of the song, where he sings words like "interplanetary," "interstellar" and "universal" that have hippie new age overtones, this part I interpret as Rundgren trying to express the unlimited and varied experiences that await you, provided you don't just stick to the familiar routines you already know.

    The remainder of the song seems to express a kind of doubt and pessimism, suggesting that Rundgren knows that even though there are many promising things ahead (musically) that unfortunately most fans won't be willing to make the journey because they can't see the potential or don't believe in it.They just want everything to stay the way it was and would prefer to have Rundgren stick to pop songs.
    herrfruitbaton September 21, 2016   Link

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