Drag him out your window
Dragging out the dead
Singing I miss you
Snakes and ladders flip the lid
Out pops the cracker
Smacks you in the head
Knives you in the neck
Kicks you in the teeth
Steel toe caps
Takes all your credit cards
Get up get the gunge
Get the eggs
Get the flan in the face
The flan in the face
The flan in the face
Dance you fucker dance you fucker
Don't you dare
Don't you dare
Don't you flan in the face
Take it with the love its given
Take it with a pinch of salt
Take it to the tax man
Let me back
Let me back
I promise to be good
Don't look in the mirror at the face you don't recognize
Help me, call the doctor, put me inside
Put me inside
Put me inside
Put me inside
Put me inside

I keep the wolf from the door
But he calls me up
Calls me on the phone
Tells me all the ways that he's gonna mess me up
Steal all my children if I don't pay the ransom
And I'll never see them again if I squeal to the cops

Walking like giant cranes
And with my X-ray eyes I strip you naked
In a tight little world
And are you on the list?
Stepford wives who are we to complain?
Investments and dealers
Investments and dealers
Cold wives and mistresses
Cold wives and Sunday papers city
Boys in first class don't know we're born just know
Someone else is gonna come and clean it up
Born and raised for the job
Someone always does
I wish you'd get up get over
Get up get over and turn the tape off

I keep the wolf from the door
But he calls me up
Calls me on the phone
Tells me all the ways that he's gonna mess me up
Steal all my children if I don't pay the ransom
And I'll never see them again if I squeal to the cops

So I'm just gonna

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A Wolf at the Door Lyrics as written by Edward John O'brien Colin Charles Greenwood

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A Wolf at the Door (It Girl. Rag Doll) song meanings
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    General Commentthom really doesnot know what all hisa songs eeven mean. his lyrics are typically used becasue he like the way they sound with the music, which gives them room to be interpereted any one like. that said i believe he is addressing all of his fears and paranioa in this song. He is worried about the violence that he experienced and he is also worried about the responsibilities and dangers that he faces with being a parent, so he tries his best to keep these fears in the form of a wolf away. But in typical Yorkwe fashion he cannot escape his fears cause the call him up on the phone to keep their hold on him anyway, leaving him powerless and trying to convince him self that they do not exist by repeating nonononono to himself.
    fatboyinawagonon June 17, 2003   Link
  • +5
    My InterpretationWhether or not this song is also about abuse of political authority, I think "Wolf at the Door" graphically describes domestic violence especially with the alternate title of "It Girl/Rag Doll." While the authorities may remove children from their home, it's probably more frequent that an abusive spouse threatens to keep the children in order to control a wife or husband.
    grasswidow103on February 27, 2009   Link
  • +4
    General CommentI think he's talking about capitalism and the underlying controls it places on people. With chorus having the basic meaning of: I try to keep materialism, finances and money out of my life as much as possible. But, you have to engage in the system to a certain extent, otherwise you'll lose everything, so I just sing about it.
    HijackedAffairson October 16, 2010   Link
  • +2
    General CommentI absolutely love this song. I love the way it's sung; Thom sounds very different from his other performances.

    It also has what most Radiohead songs don't have: a lot of lyrics. I think this is a welcome inconsistency.
    ReActoron April 18, 2003   Link
  • +2
    General CommentThe entire song Thom is talking about things he hates with todays society... and how he tries to keep those things at bay... he tries not give in to their hold on society... but at the end of the song he expresses how he cant hold off, how noone can keep it at bay... so he gives in... becoming the wolf... howling. paticularily sad in my opinion. which is quite in contrast to the upbeat overtone of the song... which is why it is fantastic.
    WillyPon September 28, 2009   Link
  • +2
    General CommentA musical version of The Three Little Pigs story. Apparently from an as yet unreleased concept album of nursery tales and fairy stories. Their interpretation of The Gingerbread Man is supposed to be heart-breaking
    shamone12on December 20, 2012   Link
  • +1
    General Commenti think its about fear depression opression and conformity like if your not enjoying the world the way it is and having a good time then there's something wrong with you, maybe pretending to be happy so you don't steal your childrens wonder. maybe hes tempted to just end it all, give in to fear and finally kill himself for the future, no matter how stupid that seems. tempted to make millions and millions of dollars to take care of his family, at any cost. as if the only decent incentive people have to create wealth is relief from fear and to stop a family from starving, if he doesnt produce records they'll all die. or leave him and find someone who can, it stops being about love. if you dont love them there's something wrong with you, you have to always love them, you have to remember this, you dont love them (now what?)
    you better love them.
    or fake it (kill yourself, forget what it means to be yourself, its for all the best reasons. the world will be a better place because of your personal sacrifice. and the rebirth will be so magnificent and freeing.*nervous twitch*)
    but that probably has more to do with me than the song
    UnemployedDaysleepeon June 22, 2003   Link
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    General CommentOne thing that struck me when I heard this and read some interpretations of it was that most people seem to interpret the chorus' last line as "I'll never see him again if I squeal to the cops," as in the Wolf, but I hear it as, "I'll never see 'em again if I squeal to the cops," as in his children, whom the wolf has threatened to steal.
    WolfTicketson May 16, 2004   Link
  • +1
    General CommentI think this is a very personal song. I don't so much think it has to do with the corruption of the world. In regards to the chorus, it TOTALLY changes the meaning of the song for me if it's 'em, or him. I think it may actually be "Him" the original title of the song "It Girl Rag Doll", seems like a kinda trashy woman getting abused by her man
    beefyteeon December 09, 2004   Link
  • +1
    General CommentIts a suburban burnout trying to balance all of the useless modern shit he has to do-the job, the mortgage, keeping up with the joneses in general- lest the wolf/world comes to get him for not being an upstanding citizen....its clearly driving him insane & I don't think he minds that at all

    so I just go ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    Hungryforalynchinon March 22, 2009   Link

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