Graduation, end of childhood, moving on, end of fun
Tried to stay the same as always, I've succeeded, but what about you?
Tried to stick to my values to be proud of my future self
looked for my old friends, but they were gone
think i missed the sign to move on

I missed the train I missed the boat it sailed
Trials of adulthood, this round I failed
This is a song, an evaluation
of new experiences and tribulations, aggravations, alterations
Everyone's changed now, someone tell me why tell me how
I was just playing for fun Never cared who won I was the only one

Graduation, it's the end of the charade of innocence
Everything's changed everything's new your life begins it's all up to you
It's time to forget what's expected Take the helm you're through being led
Don't ask them because they will lie Think for yourself and don't ask why
Forget what's presumed Your life's an open book
All your planning should be for a smile when you turn back and look
I still don't know what path to take but don't want to sit out in the dark
I only hurt myself when I fake assurance about the mark
That I plan to make something to leave behind
That says something about my life other than wasted time
Friends will always be friends, Family will always be there
But they have lives like I have mine; to lean on them wouldn't be fair

If graduation was step one, then college was number two
I did it because it was the only thing to do
Semester one, had some fun, met a kid, made a friend
Passed my classes, got a job, five bucks an hour, I got robbed
What did you expect? Just as programmed as the next
Until I realized all the lies I was viewing my future
Through someone else's eyes I had no one as my guide
All my incentive died Couldn't figure where it all applied
Simply high school magnified
Making decisions for the security of having answers
But they weren't real, not the way I feel
A mask of happiness, a mask of direction
A mask that makes things look right
Though with a totally different complexion

I went to them I asked them why
Had explanations
At least they tried
"It's just the ways things have to be"
sure it sounds nice
but I'm sorry I asked why

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