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Spinning straight down, out of control, unsure of where to go, my heart flipped around right out of sync,
I can't go on anymore. Stopped in my
tracks, halted by pain, stuck in
the void once more. I must
go on, I don't know how
but I'll get there. Rainbow
of colors that makes my life
turn neutral. I don't know how
or why I got this far down, unknowing
if the next day, how can I get up? Lonliness
killed my heart once full of love, emptiness keeps it
dull and dead. Despair and pain fills my void, no longer joy.
Pining, yearning, wanting, all selfish in its own way.
It all can hurt a selfless sympathetic being...


How can a person of life break down to nothing,
when nothing in her life can maker her that
way? How can a person stop loving her
surroundings, when her surroundings
haven't changed at all? How can a person
get back on the right track, when she never got off it?
How can she regain the love in her life,
when she doesn't even know she lost it?


Confusion at its best can do no justice, not one person can make it on their own. So why do I think that I can go forward, with no one behind me to help me along?

Verse Two:

Running around, no destination, since I can't see it anymore. Fallen to the ground, heartbreak at its best, waiting to finish me off, can't find the sunlight, it's all dark all around, nothing to grab on to. No one around, seldom is there anyone there. Is anyone truely there? I'm trapped in a windowless house, no doors, black hole sucking into the nothingness. For better or worse, I'm stuck with no end, sitting to reassess my life and where I went wrong. Which wrong turn on this road called "Life", did I take that made me lose my destination? So close, now I'm in the dark driving without head lights, can someone please tell me...

(Bridge, then Chorus)

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