Cool blue reason empties on the page
Your colleagues are in prison and your enemies enraged
Cool blue reason comes into your world
There's two more dead in Texas and it's probably your girls

Cool blue reason wraps around your throat
A minutes change like seasons
Only 8 more hours to go
Only 8 more hours to go
Only 8 more hours left to go

Cool blue reason comes into your life
There's one more dead in Kansas and it's probably your wife
Cool blue reason I'm just talking to myself
Cool blue reason I'm just rearranging hell
I'm just talking to myself
I'm just talking to myself, oh no

Cool blue reason wraps around your throat
The minutes change likes seasons
Only eight more hours to go
Only eight more hours to go
Only eight more hours left to go

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Cool Blue Reason Lyrics as written by John M. Mccrea

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    My InterpretationPerhaps it is the intrigue of shows like "Intervention", but I get a feeling it is about methamphetamine. Cool Blue can be perceived as ice, which is a common term for meth. Pour out the bag that empties on the page of a magazine for consumption. Collegues are common in prison with meth being a major focus of law inforcement. And you might have to steal from a friend, therby enraging a new enemy. And you can't count out a rural Kansas murder... The Cool Blue Reason wraps around your throat. Seems subtle but obvious. Ever read about people being paranoid, constantly looking out the curtains for cops or enemies, perhaps? I bet that feels like eternity. Or a minute lasting three months. And only 8 more hours to go. Given that a meth high lasts longer, this is probably at the peak level of this person's experience.

    Most stories don't have the individual seeking the drug. It just comes into their life. Then your wife is dead in Kansas. The paranoia is usually a self enveloping mind f#@k where they converse with themselves. Rearranging the hell they are living in to keep occupied. Talking to yourself because your mind is racing on a speedy high. With only eight more hours to go.

    I have never done meth, nor plan on it. From print reports, news media, and shows like "Intervention", I perceive Meth as this song so humbly sets it out. The Reason why this person is in this scenario is because of Cool Blue. Ice. Meth... And the tone of the song solidifies the emotion of despair. Especially at the end. Top 3 Cake songs in my book. Despite the heavy message I get from it.
    inquirewithinon December 02, 2009   Link

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