Oh no, don't try to make me smile again
Are you like me or are you one of them?
Are you see-thru or are you invincible?
Could this be another desperate attempt

Listen to me, I won't ever be (happy)
Listen to me, I can't ever be (happy)

I used to be so God damn great, I was the fuckin' king
But then I messed up everything, now I ain't nothing!

I'm nothing but a SCREW UP!
All I ever had, I tore it all away!
I am nothing but a fucked-up child in the world
And I know that I am nothing
I am away!

I hate to think that I was your reason
For breaking down and falling apart
I hate to know that I was the one who killed you
Sent you away and broke your heart!

Listen to me, I won't ever seem (that way)
Listen to me, I can't let them see (me)


I wanna be there again, but I could never be!
I wanna undo what I did, but that can never be!
I want to be able to live, but I could never live!
I wanna be there again, but I will never be!


Just like the button that I push
It erases everything, just like I erased everything
I want to erase everything!
I want to be the man
Everyone knows who I am
Why can't I be the main person?
Why am I not the main one?
Why must I be so forgotten?
Why can't anything be undone?

I want to rid myself of this horrid place, and go somewhere better
This state of mind, it isn't mine, why can't I just be better?
The world must end at my demise
The future's nothing but a lie
Why can't I just be like everyone?

I want to get back my old life
I want to fuck everyone in the world
I want to get back in the fight
I want to get back the girl . . .


You goverend everything I did
Everything I said!
You told me I was nothing less or short of what you are
Because I am and we are

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