In the consecuative years of 1981 and 1982
The US created a new super sex soldier to combat the Soviet threat in the 21st century
Within 6 months these soldiers were running high risk sex-ops throughout South America and Eastern Europe
...this is their story....

the assnacular vernacular
has often called been spectacular
the sex pilgrims here comprised of 2 mc's
layin the rhymes for the young ladies

so when you feel the beats bustin in yer rump
take of your clothes cause we's finna hump

15 (up) 7 dick definition please

it's like a freak-ass girl whos her knees
like fity catholic schoolgirls in a big orgy

Oh I get it, like that jon P nease

now you 157 dickn' with ease
Come on T-Fin nguyen breakdown in Vietnanese

is like goin home and you finna find
two hotass girls gettin sexual kind

I like dem tiddies but i love yo mind
naw i'm just playin - only if you fine!

now pick up yo shit you ugly he-bitches
lookin at goat sex gives me da twitches

poop in my mouth i think that it's fine
i don't care if it's illegal i won't drop the dime

fisty fisty fisty let me bite yo titty

our neighbor is a troll who goes by limpie

djuan's fav magazine it's called Gents

when he sees ugly monster tits he pitches dem tents

Oh shit girl did i sperm in yo eye
tell me na have you gone blind?

look in my pants and tell me if you find
my dick in the pubes that's thick like jungle vines

it's fantabolous that me and you is a lock
lets take a peek inside the vampire box

excelsior now what's that mean
its when i break the air and your face turn green
take a deep breath, na that shit ain't clean
stank like dem hookers of charlie sheen

tang in space tang in my mouth
now open up shop cause i'm headin south

Pilgrims landing here on plymoth cock
attention houston we's about to dock
Rock da cock cock dickity dock rock
Cock the rock dock rock cockity cock

Sit on my face lets play some pinocchio
unzip the fly girl give me a blow

les get nekkid in J E LLO
while we inside we fuck wit da toe
Hey Tfin how many kids you got

I just got 16 it's my uncontrollable cock

aw damn man my dick is a rock
it's gone up just like .com stock

With the fall of Communism
the US dissolved the Sex-ops program and disvowed any knowledge of its existence
it's members were forced underground, their services can be acquired for the right price
If you can find them

Lyrics submitted by Thorattack

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    General CommentHey.. Me and my partner (not life partner) wrote this song.. so I want to know what everyone thinks about it.. If you want the actual song, then hit me up on AIM, Asnsnsatin
    Thorattackon July 27, 2002   Link

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