Reach for a new horizon
Setting sights on a circuit scream
Hail the new arrival on
Static signs from a distant wanderer
Fill the air nights are never seen
Face the electric time shock now
No it's not a dream anymore

I will light the way for us to find
Order of a new kind
Join us on the stay the road is mine
Poets line in a rhyme of silence
Gathered from the winter air
Warms the children's eyes they see
The time is near for the signs

I can hear the chimes
Ringing for you for me
I can see your eyes
Your hands joining with me
I can feel its time
Come together hold the light
Keep the flame we can't let this world remain
the same

I can hear the chimes
Ringing for you for me
I can see your eyes
Your hands joining with me
I can feel it's time
It's time for the world to hear
Neue Regel is here

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Neue Regel song meanings
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    General CommentNeue Regel means New Order or Rule in German. The singer is proclaiming the New Messiah who's name will be Nicholas Ryan Wright ("plain as black and white" and name of the assassin Nikki in O:MC). The line that should stand out is "Poets line in a rhyme of silence"...his white lie.
    prince nicon June 05, 2015   Link
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    Song MeaningActually. This song is a prophecy of the fast approaching end of the world. The Neue Regel is real, and the words of this song are being spoken by the false propht spoken of in the Bible.

    I can hear the chimes ringing for you for me,
    The Neue Regel is HERE!
    12Observeron July 08, 2012   Link
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    My InterpretationI see this song as something of a cry to the spirit of technology to guide us into an unforseeable future. The idea that at some point Moore's Law will get away from us and technology will become a higher form of life than ours is pertinent both here and in Screaming in Digital, the album's tenth track. But while there we see technology escaping our grasp already, here we have the call to arms (so to speak) to lead humanity into this new and glorious age of technocracy.
    boychickenon August 30, 2013   Link
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    General CommentA clever anthem to "New Order"(english translation of the german Neue Regel) - that historical quest to create a utopian society. You do not need to be a good student of history to know every attempt at establishing new order has failed. Quite simply, the search for a new order is a fool's errand. How can imperfect people develop a perfect governing system for imperfect people? One can proclaim his group "superior," but we know what follows after that fantasy.

    "Neue Regel" is the theoretical framework forged to bring a semblance of logic - that goes that word again! - to lighten the burden of the crimes and punishments ultimately necessary to implement a Utopia. Bottom line: there's nothing "new" to new order; it's merely semantic window dressing designed to disguise murder and madness.…
    PigeonWingon August 31, 2008   Link
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    General CommentActually I will post the true meaning of this song, as it brings a certain amount of mal-kharma to misinform the masses.

    It points to the singularity and our hopes and dream of finding immortality with technology. This is ofcourse a false hope since reality would be quite different indeed(as outlined in NM156). This A technological singularity is a hypothetical event occuring when technological progress becomes very rapid due to positive feedback, making the future after the Singularity qualitatively different and hard to predict. It has been suggested that one will occur during the 21st century, and there are several mechanisms by which a singularity could occur.[1][2]

    Vernor Vinge proposed that the creation of smarter-than-human intelligence would represent a breakdown in humans' ability to model their future. In the same way that a worse chess player cannot predict the next move of a better chess player, and less intelligent animals cannot predict the actions of humans, so too humans cannot predict the actions of more intelligent entities. He compared it to the breakdown of physics so that it cannot be used to model the space-time singularity beyond the event horizon of a black hole
    godamajinon August 30, 2010   Link
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    General CommentGreat tune man. Melody is tremendous. Using it for my screenplay for an opening scene.
    antp56on February 27, 2013   Link
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    General CommentThe song is about web 2.0....Used to be called Longhorn but since since the Mexicans were stole citizenship they forced Microsoft to come up with spanish internet hence the lyrical reference 'come together hold the light" he's talking about sneaking across the border at night. "It's time for the world to hear" No way Regales es aqui
    godamajinon October 09, 2006   Link

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