"Renegade" as written by and Warren Zevon....
Some prayers never reach the sky
Some wounds never heal
They still say someday the South will rise
Man, I want to see that deal

I don't want to grow old gracefully
I don't want to go 'til it's too late
I'll be some old man inthe road somewhere
Kneeling down in the dust by the side of the interstate

I am a renegade
I've been a rebel all my days
I am a renegade
I've been a rebel all my days

We were hopelessly outnumbered
It was a lost cause all along
But when we heard the bugles call
We swore we'd stand or fall together right or wrong

We ain't seen no reconstruction here
Just the scorched earth all around
And the high school band played "Dixieland"
While they tore our tattered flags and banners down


Soome prayers never reach the sky
Some wars never end
Some dreams refuse to die
Next time I would rather break than bend


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    Such a remarkable line.
    Warren was truly a genius lyricist
    TheThornBirdson March 19, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThis is an amazing song to listen to, and obviously its about the South during the Civil War, yet it is mixed in with modern things (were there really high schools in the south in the 1860s)? I don't know enough about education in the US at that time to guess if thats right. I don't think that this is a song about promoting racial differences, but how is Warren, as the rock'n'roll guy he was (drinking, etc) comparing his "renegade" actions to Dixie?
    Thgord08on June 14, 2009   Link
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    General CommentMaybe this song is about a Vietnam vet, I know it might seem like hes definitely talking about the civil war but "interstate"? "High school"? Perhaps the southern references are for point of comparison.
    iwalkwithzombieson December 13, 2009   Link
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    General CommentOn the liner notes of the album Zevon credits the Atlanta Renegades Rugby Team. Apparently he was a fan and a friend with members of the team and they formed the inspiration for the song.
    jwyshynskion August 14, 2011   Link

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