"Gaston (reprise) (beauty And The Beast)" as written by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken....
[Maurice:] Help! Someone help me!
[Tavern keeper:] Maurice?
[Maurice:] Please! Please, I need your help. He's got her - he's
got her locked in the dungeon!
[LeFou:] Who?
[Maurice:] Belle. We must go. N-not a minute to lose!
[Gaston:] Whoa! Slow down, Maurice. Who's got Belle locked in a
[Maurice:] A beast! A horrible, monstrous beast!
[Patron I:] Is it a big beast?
[Maurice:] Huge!
[Patron II:] With a long, ugly snout?
[Maurice:] Hideously ugly!
[Drinker III:] And sharp, cruel fangs?
[Maurice:] Yes! Yes! Will you help me?
[Gaston:] All right, old man. We'll help you out.
[Maurice:] You will? Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!
[Tavern keeper:] Crazy old Maurice.
[Patron I:] He's always good for a laugh.
[Gaston:] Crazy old Maurice, hmmm?
Crazy old Maurice. Hmmm.

LeFou, I'm afraid I've been thinking
[Lefou:] A dangerous pastime
[Gaston:] I know
But that whacky old coot is Belle's father
And his sanity's only "so-so"
Now the wheels in my head have been turning
Since I looked at that loony, old man
See, I've promised myself I'd be married to Belle
And right now I'm evolving a plan

If I . . . {whisper}
[LeFou:] Yes?
[Gaston:] Then we . . . {whisper}
[LeFou:] No! Would she . . .
[Gaston:] {whisper} Guess!
[LeFou:] Now I get it!
[Both:] Let's go!

No one plots like Gaston
[Gaston:] Takes cheap shots like Gaston
[LeFou:] Plans to persecute harmless crackpots like Gaston
[Chorus:] So his marriage we soon'll be celebrating
My what a guy!

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