You better check this

Plan up your family ha high me say
Plan up your family ha high

This one's dedicated to the girl you see
and all bwoy big D livin in the ci ty I sing

Sex is part one but every story has a sequel (try)
Not to live with your parents now people
Let part two be planned by you not fake (why?)
Cause your baby you'll start to hate (cry)
Like if you can't afford a sausage
You on edge, baby cries, you throw him in the garbage
You know the stories that you hear in the news
Babies being killed, infants being abused (right)
Do people life they live like a movie
Yellin, "Do me! Do me!" Too much loose booty
They want to be Blowfish like Hootie (chill)
Premature pregnancy is ill
You never hear the other side of the story (like)
Like what happens after you hit the shorty
Right (right), you check it before you get butt naked
Heed the science in the record

This one dedicated to the girl, you see
And all bwoy big D, livin in the city, I say

Yeah, yeah
You know the time y'all, you know the time y'all
Hear the rhyme y'all, time to free your mind y'all
School's open here's the message comin next
Some dumb-ass kid feels proud he had sex
("I knocked it out! Yeah I'm the mack and I'm all that!")
Nine months later, you can't afford Similak (why?)
You look back on your life, you say it can't be
I never asked or planned to have a family
Thinkin back in bed you was a happy camper
And uhh, now your partner can't find the Pampers
Every day more sex you pursuin (sex is good)
But think about what you doin
Everybody yellin revolution
But still on the ave cruisin, not seeing we losin
Control your life and choose your direction
With sex and foreplay use protection
Control your life and choose your direction
With sex and foreplay use protection

Yeah this one's dedicated to the girl you see
And all bwoy big D, livin in the city, I say

You know
I got to add this last piece to the song
So no one gets me wrong, and we can live long
Havin a child is good for your health
But how you gonna have a kid yo, when you a kid yourself?
It's your life, not hers, or his (true)
Now you want someone to come and watch your kids? (ooh)
You try to give em to your moms, she ain't with it
And with no sisters, a job you can't seem to get it
Now you applyin for welfare, medicare for health care
Now your whole life is goin nowhere
I'm gonna say it, you might not respect it
But most pretty little girls wind up pregnant
You want to wear tight clothes and act loose
But now someone gave you the truth! Yo

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"Plan Up Your Family" as written by Felton C. Ii Pilate Femi Ojtunde

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.

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