Why did you leave these colours so they'll fade?
but soon they will be as one for the moment
I will stare into this dim, silent sea
silent sea

and we'll suffer the kiss bright

on the fields vails emotion
live still never they'll return
as they are laid to rest
into this one lonely life
in which depths is growing

as they are laid to rest
into this one lonely life
with depths is growing painfully into life
to die

into life
to die

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    General CommentI cant believe nobody has commented on this band before! they completely rock. I must admit though they ARE about the most depressing thing you can hear as well as being crushingly heavy, so i dont listen to them unless im upset or depressed.
    I think the lyrics are about waiting to die, others, perhaps one in particular has come and gone, and now all that is left of life is waiting to die, and the realisation that we only live to die. We live once, and are gone forever, leaving the world colourless to those left behind
    Dark Tranquillityon June 01, 2004   Link
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    General CommentYes the band is maybe depressing but a true work of art.
    I tell that about all the bands i listen...i dont listen to crap you see.
    Songs about that everything ends eventually.
    But god how beutifully they did express that emotion.
    UnraisedMetalon June 16, 2005   Link
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    General CommentQuietly these colours will fade,
    But soon they will be as one,
    For a moment I will stare,
    Into this deep saddened sea,
    And will suffer the death's fright

    Under these waves emotions lay,
    Still never they'll return,
    As they are laid to rest,
    Into this one lonely life,
    Which, perhaps is growing.
    Into life, to die...

    Well, that's what DarkLyrics says the lyrics are anyway.

    But yeah. I've only just started listening to Shape of Despair but they're actually quite good. I agree, very very depressing band, but good. About the meaning of the song... I think it's just about the experience of a slow, depressing death, and knowing that one day you have to die no matter what. Basically giving up hope on life. I dunno though.
    Crujebsulon March 17, 2007   Link
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    General CommentIf you think THIS music is depressing, listen to 'second ring of power' by 'unholy'... it is MISERABLE!
    SpeedPickeron August 23, 2007   Link

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