You break my back
You won't break me
All is black
But I still see
Shut me down
Save me from myself
Shoot me up
Let me burn in hell

Trapped under ice
Comfortably cold
I've gone as low as you can go
Feel no remorse
No sense of shame
Time's gonna wash away all pain

I made a god
Out of blood
Not superiority
I killed the king
Of deceit
Now I sleep in anarchy

Sacrifice to the cause
Turn your code into law
Compensate to validate the loss
Take a thief, nail him to a cross

Gospel of rage
Faction of hate
Deviate from the absolute
Born of revenge
Raised on cement
Chaos created government

I made a god out of blood
Not superiority
I killed the king
Of deceit
Now I sleep in anarchy

I made a god out of blood
Not superiority
I killed the king
Of deceit
Wake me up in anarchy

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Anarchy Lyrics as written by Klaus Schandelmaier Guenter Schulz


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    General CommentFirst off, I will say that I love this song. It is probably what got me addicted to KMFDM. The vocals done especially made me wanting more, even though how they are so amazing here is hard to describe. Bottom line, I think this is the greatest song they've ever done, and I think it's very influential, too.

    As for its meaning, I think it should be very clear the message KMFDM is saying about Anarchy, and what it is to them:
    Gospel of rage/Faction of hate/Deviate from the absolute/Born of revenge/Raised on cement/Chaos created government

    I find all of that to be parallel to Anarchy. Is not anarchy a government created from Chaos? I think also that Anarchy would require a lot of rage to be able to create. Especially in our state right now, if we were to even try to embrace the idea of anarchy, it would be because of our disdain for our current government, rather than because anarchy is a viable or reasonable solution.

    Also, the bulk of the song seems to be saying about how hard his situation is, which is probably caused by the government, and that anarchy would be a solution to his problems. Really, the song takes a perspective from somebody who clearly wants anarchy, "Wake me up in Anarchy". But I do not feel that KMFDM was trying to send a message that they are taking this point of view, but merely trying to convey a message in general about anarchy.

    One thing I can't figure out is this:
    "I made a god out of blood
    Not superiority"
    The only interpretation I can come up with is that it means the government is "God" and it would then be a government directly reflecting man(blood) rather than a heirarchy.
    RobbyRaccoonon March 05, 2005   Link

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