I have been here for too long.
In this lonesome twisted land.

It is deep and sickening.
I have to find my way back home.

The only way to find myself.
Is to descend deeper still.

I'm stuck and cold.
I'm stuck and cold in marshland.
I'm stuck and cold where life is
Plentiful but nothing lives.

A voice I know speaks to me.
Of self-deceit and mockery.

I search for life and sights to see.
Somewhere beyond this cold
Machinery. (So take me out of this insanity).

Nothing that I say or do, Matters to the
Big machine. Nothing that I think or
Feel, matters to the big machine. If I am
Dead when tomorrow's gone,
The big machine will just move on.

The scar you gave me left my soul,
Hollow like the love you showed.

That empty shell you offered me,
Took me further away from the

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    General CommentI really like mortiis, have done for years.
    It's ok for people to say "he looks like a troll in a nappy" (which he doesn't anymore) but loads of you who say that usually preach about how image is meaningless and how picked on you are *get out the violins*.

    Anyway..this song is pretty obvious, marshland is a metaphor for his life, he is trapped in a morass which he hasn't got the power to escape from.

    "Nothing that I say or do, Matters to the
    Big machine."
    I think that part alludes to Gilbert Ryle's 'Ghost in the machine' theory. The mind is a machine that according to Descartes theory actually makes our being, mind and body one "I think therefore I am".
    Whereas Ryle's theory was more a derrogatory term for that dualism and argued that they were seperate and worked in conjuction but were not really one.
    Thats why the references to the machine in the song makes me believe it is his mind.
    Or, it could be a metaphor for the world.
    A.Mon March 01, 2006   Link

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