Don’t tell me what I should be listening to
‘cos if I like it I’ll be screaming next to you
If it’s a passion I’ll go wherever I choose
Punk rock doesn’t just belong to you

I won’t let go
I want it more
I feel your stare but it won’t move me

think you know me, you’ve never opened your mouth
if you point I’ll break your finger off
segregation’s nothing new to me
maybe your idols won’t like your snobbery

we need evil and cerebral
keep on scoring punk rock points

so upset by what is in your sight
it’s oh so previous and it’s just not right
repetitive and now I expect it
just boring won’t put me of one bit

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Punk Rock Points song meanings
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    General CommentThis song to me exemplifies how intolerant people can be if you look odd to them. Its exactly how i feel. if i'm singing along to my music on my headphones i don't really give a shit what you think in fact i'll go up to your face and scream the lyrics if your erally that pompous. It shows peoples split second judgement by looks of a person, there is so much more on the inside that determine our personalities. You don't know so don't stare and judge me!
    spacehogpop8on June 22, 2003   Link
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    General CommentI think this is how people are constantly trying to 'out-punk' each other. For example, there will always be that one person that claims a particular band are 'so not punk' and that only *they* know what punk really is. Bis are trying to say that punk music and culture isn't about trying to look cooler than the person standing next to you by rewarding yourself with 'punk rock points' from knowing the most obscure bands.
    zeroglitteron July 01, 2003   Link

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