In the north they call us Rebels,
In the south they call us Yankees,
Because every other sucker's born to do the hokey pokey
With the skillet lickin' time keepers,
The grinning reapers
Of a missionary rock star.

You can rock it like Sir Sisyphus,
But even in it's genesis
It's really quite ridiculous
'Lectric hobo, so now you know
Not to clock the Weeble Wobble hot rod gang,
Revelator big bang.

You can't hang with the heaviness's hung
Among the houses of the rising tongue
No fun to crack the axle
But it's got to be done
Beaus whenever you wobble the weebles
You know that they get ticked off

And in the season of boll-weevil speaking evil in your ear,
And a pile of manure fertilizing all your fears
We Yabba Dabba Doo All the way to Shangri-la
Here it is with the rock and roll outlaw

Where rock is criminal, criminals rock
Where rock is criminal, they rock like this
Where rock is criminal, criminals rock
Where rock is criminal, they rock like this

I'm a rock and roll outlaw.Where rock is criminal, criminals rock.
Where rock is criminal, they rock like this.

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"Rock N Roll Outlaw" as written by Gaster Fallon

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Rock 'n' Roll Outlaw song meanings
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    General CommentSince my first experience with Clutch, this song has been one of my favorites. At first, I loved it's musicality, I loved rocking our. But after a closer look at the lyrics I've grown a new appreciation. I love Neil's use of mythological allusion throughout his work, but in this song I especially like the mix of that with popular new culture. Mixed beautifully and wrapped up in a song about a rebel rocker. Man, it's great.
    mcgregor37on April 08, 2005   Link
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    General CommentJust to clarify the mythical allusion Sisyphus is someone who was cursed to roll a rock uphil for eternity by the gods.
    Rock it like Sir Sisyphus is a fun play on words.
    Cape Kidon March 31, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI think this song is the reason i like clutch
    Delta 27on June 01, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI must agree. This was one of the first Clutch songs I heard and was impressed by the way Neil never took a breath and changed his delivery. Plus the music was catchy as hell and refeshing to hear some rugged rock and roll. Now reading these lyrics definitely opened my eyes and ears to this band. Their music always got me, but now I'll have to start reading more Clutch lyrics. Using Sir Sisyphus-that's amazing.
    Jp!on May 24, 2008   Link
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    Song Meaningthought this was meaning not,..ironic, never mind, anyway, im pretty sure the entire thing is a reference to the absurd condition in that well, like the "weeble wobble hot rod gang" would be a metaphor for racing back and forth and not getting anywhere. or "yabbadabbado all the way to shangri la" being a trip to a place one can't get to. and that part of the absurd condition is that even though nothing is being accomplished there is an feeling of accomplishment, so "no fun to crack the axel but it's got to be done" and the following "when you wobble the weebles you know they get ticked off" would represent working at a cruddy task and and being up set if someone interupts that task. alburt camus concludes (in the myth of sisyphus) that even though the thought of sisyphus' task sounds terrible if an on looker saw this they would have to assume that sisyphus enjoyed rolling the rock up the mountain only to have it roll down again otherwise he would leave. 'lectric hobo i believe is a reference to electric trains you can look that up yourself or not, its takes some digging even in the electric age. that go around and around,and rock like this heeawe heeawe heeawe. oddly enough im pretty sure the implication is that rock and roll outlaws have nothing to say. good job to those that figured out its a good song.
    Noztrillon February 19, 2011   Link

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