In a small fishing village
Northeast of Guam
Sits a fine young chap
Holding hands with his mom
As the fish swim by
So does Joe
For his body is in Guam
But his mind is in Kokomo

"Kokomo, Indiana
Kokomo, Indiana"

I long to be
Inside my home
Where the rafters are thick
With mens cologne
"mens cologne"
For if I were a tree
I know where I would grow
But my body is in Guam

My mind is in Kokomo

"Kokomo, Indiana
Kokomo, Indiana"

It?s a large swimming pool
That will light up at night
With cigarette girl
And groom dressed in white
"dressed in white"
As the organ plays a song
The crowd doesn?t know
For their bodies are in Guam
But their minds are in Kokomo.

"Kokomo, Indiana
Kokomo, Indiana"

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    General Commentwho the fuck wants to go to kokomo, indiana?
    bertcampbellon June 26, 2004   Link
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    General Commentwho the fuck wants to be born wit a name bertcampbell
    jamestmfbongon January 23, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI haven't actually heard this song, but just judging by the lyrics, I'd say that that is sort of the point- there isn't anything special about Kokomo, Indiana at all. But since it is Joe's home, it is the most important place in the world to him.
    He may not even realize how much he loves the place until he is away from it. He wants to be back and return to his life, maybe even get married, but instead he's a lifeless corpse floating down a river in Southeast Asia, and he probably doesn't even know why. (He might not be dead, but I interpret it that way. "Bodies" is too impersonal a word to describe a living person.)

    John Prine does a very good job of being "for the common man." Many of his songs show a deep respect for people in general, whether it be the little boy and his mother in Guam or the soldier (who is just a person like you or me) who has to be there. Even using words like "mom" instead of "mother" keep it from having a pretentious tone, and help you realize that they are just everyday people too- it's a song for people about people.

    And, of course, whether they are families in Guam or soldiers from America, their lives are probably going to be ravaged by war (specifically, Vietnam.)
    bobwronskion April 30, 2006   Link

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