My eyes that floated in glass were simply

The fragments of kindness are also missing
The repeating signals
Continue to speak of love only out of my lips
I take out the plugs running from my entire body
And with my own legs, just once more
I looked at this sky

In a distorted loophole in time
The knife that stabbed me in the back gives me wings
And I keep looking up the sky
In order to burn you up with all of the memories
Running through my entire body
I only looked at you

The world that expands inside of your arm is the last secret garden
If inside of you I've already completely vanished, don't forget...
The things that you embraced

Softly close your eyes
It's okay if you're cut off from the light
If you want to see dreams

'But they've already noticed...'
Everything about you who raised your hand high

The world that expands inside of dreams is the last secret garden
Inside of you I've already completely vanished, but just don't forget...
My name

The world that expands inside of your arm is the last scret garden
Ionly looked at you

Only you

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Secret Garden (translated) song meanings
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    General CommentThis translation is not very good. I think if you want an accurate translation, please visit the website Centigrade-J (I think the addresss is, but I really don't know).
    SMUSER16991986on May 21, 2004   Link
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    My InterpretationFirstly the translation doesn’t really give the correct feel of the meaning but this is what I get from the song.
    Basically it’s very metaphorical. It describes him as floating in water (“Hitomi” is eyes but not as in eyeballs — more like the essence of a person — or his “self”). He is basically dying & is looking at his love for the one last time. This view is the last Secret Garden, his personal experience of love for this person. It’s not clear as to whether he is human or humanoid. He may in fact be machine.
    It appears the person is not showing any love towards him anymore. He basically suicides by taking off his life support (unplugging himself).
    In summary it’s a plea not to be forgotten by one whom he still passionately loves but whos’e love is not being returned anymore.
    @nthonyon August 27, 2010   Link
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    General CommentIts a beauitful song...I love Gackt hes so hot
    ShAdOwS_iN_tHe_DaRkon June 18, 2003   Link
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    General CommentIn the first line of the first verse, I'd just like to point out that Gackt actually used the kanji for garasu (glass) in his lyrics, as he does again in later songs. Who the heck writes out "glass" in kanji? It's an English word...

    In the second verse, first line, Gackt uses the kanji hahen (fragment) in place of the spoken kakera (splinter, fragment). Not a big change, simply emphasizes the idea of the piece being a small, sharp part of the whole.

    In the last line of the same verse, Gackt uses the kanji genjitsu (reality) in place of the spoken sora (sky). In this he refers to the sky he looks at as being the (last) piece of solid reality he views.

    In the fourth paragraph, first line, Gackt speaks the word toki (time) in place of the kanji jikuu (space-time). Complicated word, but then again, so are loopholes in the fabric of space and time. Long story short, toki is a whole lot simpler.

    In the same verse, third line, Gackt uses the kanji uchuu (universe) when he says sora again. As is the case of the second verse first line, this merely serves to specify that when he looks at the sky, he means sky in a larger sense than just the blue part with clouds.
    dancingkitsuneon June 23, 2007   Link

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