Fuck you!two words and everything you'll ever get from me!
I've been abused by your words and i'm fucking tired of your lies
The revolution is coming, your end is coming soon, can't you just fucking see!?
Can't you see the hate we deserve to you in our fucking eyes
Can't you just fucking see it!?
Can't you understand our heads are fulled by your fucking shit!?
Soon we'll all unite, stand up, and fight
Stand up, and fight for our rights!

We don't give a fuck about the american dream
We'll only raise our fists to the sky and scream
Scream that we all deserve much more than a force fed of stupid lies
And more than an apology for all the inocents lifes that payed for your lies

A revolution, this on what we're building our future
A riot of words, this is on what we're building the revolution
Our future is in our hands, we build our future
Not stupid politicians, prefering well said lies than action
The american way is not a better way of living
The american dream, american way, fuck off, only the worst way of dying
You can throw me into jail for provocation, me and everyone by my side
But you can't even take away our freedom, and can't ever take away our pride

We can blame this government
We can blame this society
We can blame our country
They've tried to erase our judgement
Tried to break our wings to liberty
Tried to close our eyes to reality
But we'll not live with the fucking american dream
Til' the end, we'll scream

(repeat chorus)

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    General CommentOh hell yeah that song only make me wanna pull my middle finger out at everything related to the american dream. Money, Pride, Big cars, Success, and the fucking force fed of lies that the government is suffocating us with. I like J-F lyrics a lot :D Broken Wings even made me cry.
    M_S_Ion July 21, 2002   Link
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    General CommentMy song made you cry!?Damn!!And yeah, i like that song me too...I was fucking upset about what I,ve seen on t.v and the force fed to beleive that to happy in life you must have the perfect body, big cars, big house, a lot of money, and a high place and the society's pyramid. Then as the first line came out, everything was wrote in like a minute. Then i was screaming in my head FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU.Well that's the story of that song....(gee you cried reading broken wings and you don't even know who the fuck I am!!!!)
    CellophaneCoffinon July 21, 2002   Link

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