Get down
I'll sleep it off
You don't have to believe no more
Only got four hours
To learn your manners
Never felt so close to you before

Don't you
Don't get it wrong
I'll have someone to get it done
Only got four hours
To learn your manners
Never felt so close to you before

Long shot
In the name of God
Need a McCartney song
All I want you to know
Is that I won't be here for long
And my heart
Oh! my heart is getting sore

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"King George" as written by Cristina Llanos Fayos Amparo Llanos Fayos

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King George song meanings
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    General CommentAgain, not an American song.

    This song is about a child named George who is for his last day of living, he is king for a day, but only has four hours to people have four hours to be nice to him for once; and at that point, he feels closer to people he has known his whole life than ever before.

    So his odds of surviving are a "long shot, by the name of god." And at the point of his heart "getting sore" is the point the child will not live any longer. The "McCartney song" may be a wish???

    If anybody else has any other thoughts? That's just my interpretation. This is a great song.
    herkbowlon November 11, 2012   Link
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    General Commentthis band is not american, they're from Spain and but their lyrics are in english, btw this was one of the best grunge/hard rock bands ever, sadly they were little known in the US.

    now on to the song meaning i think is about a meeting with some sort of "king" and that she feels nervous about it.
    mrjavomanon February 14, 2008   Link
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    General CommentIMO they're talking about George Harrison... Dover always cited The Beatles as one of their biggest influences (therefore the reference "need a McCartney song").
    Though Dover's lyrics are always confusing or obscure, so it could be other way.

    Also, @hamusatto this band is Spanish, not American. And it's sad this band is not known outside Spain, because they used to be awesome before they switched to electro-pop.
    JackBloodSuckeron May 25, 2012   Link
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    My InterpretationIMO this song is about a king's last words to his young firstborn. Maybe he was in battle, and he was mortally wounded by a "long shot by the name of god". Back in the castle, the king knows he is dying, and he spends his last four hours making his son realize that now he has to be the king ("only got four hours to learn your manners... never felt so close to you before"). It may not be the true meaning, but it's an interpretation I like, and I find it beautiful in its simplicity.
    holacaracolaon February 15, 2014   Link
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    General CommentI believe this song to be about King George VI and the fact that he stammers with his speech. Lionel Logue was his adviser, or speech therapist, and knew that this would be no ordinary task. They went through many days together, practicing and working on clearing up the stammer.
    "Never felt so close to you before" relates to the fact that Lionel was no more than a commoner and that George was royalty. Even though there was a huge status gap, they were good friends, especially around the time of King George VI's war speech.
    "Long shot in the name of God" says that Lionel knew that there was a small chance of this working and needed a lot of effort. He knew that this would be difficult and it was a very long shot-- that he would be able to help the King in time for his War speeches, inauguration speech, etc.
    "I'll have someone to get it done" relates to the fact that Lionel was adamant about King George VI getting help and, that if he wouldn't be able to do so, he would have someone get the job done.
    In all, this is about the relationship between Lionel and the King of England. For this to make more sense, I recommend that research is preformed upon this, and that the film "The Kings Speech" is seen.
    datsuranolandon May 23, 2015   Link
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    My InterpretationI think it's a love song. A couple have known each other for not much time and it's the last time they met and have little time to talk and know each other more cause one of them is leaving, dying or whatever. They don't have more time to be together so her heart is getting sore. "I'll have someone to get it done..."To me it means she'll find a boyfriend or maybe she has already one that will make forget her sored heart.

    I read about the king jorge story, it makes sense but let me think it's a song about a love story that's not gonna have a real begining not a happy ending.
    nuri115780on December 04, 2015   Link
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    General CommentTypish ameriCan song. america never got the kings and they dream bout other kings and stuff. all movies about foreign royals
    hamusattoon February 08, 2008   Link

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