"Sport And Religion" as written by Karl Kippenberger, Phillip Knight, Tom Larkin and Jon Charles Toogood....
hey all you people in the shiny cars
who dug the trenches will reach the stars
that's a funny program
what's it show or tell
if it's not what you're thinking
then you can go to hell

or is it an illusion?
is it an illusion?

sport and religion
what a game
you can call it progress
but what's the aim?
you can't fake the fantastic
no more. no more
we can't keep on hacking away
when no one knows the score

or it's an illusion?
is it an illusion?

you've got to give to take away

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    General Commenti imagine this song has several religious conetations, it seems to be mocking the way people believe you have to earn your way to heaven, or whatever. "who dug the trenches will reach the stars."
    and if you dont pay your penence you will go to hell.
    Shihad pose the question to us, is this an illusion?
    they liken the following of religion to that of a sports team, which i think means they are only talking about the fanatics who stand on street corners and preach about being devote and earning your way to heaven and renouncing your sins ect...."youve got to gie to take away"
    Timmon May 10, 2003   Link
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    General CommentI think it points a finger at the new bastardised strand of christianty, that preaches easy fixes, like fighting for the glory of your country in "the trenches", or making money "hacking away" to get to heaven.
    Or maybe it is saying that people are treating capitalism like a religion to live by where the game is to accumulate as much as you can, without caring about others.

    The last line is clever. First it recalls a biblical reference to a vengeful god that gives and then takes away. Second, they simply point out that you've got to give "to take away". That is, there are consequences for blindly questing after money, without thinking about "the score". What are the environmental cost to economic progress? Third it seems like appeal to such people to stop being so selfish and give as well as take away.
    cookie dayon May 20, 2006   Link

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