Masks and a fake skin.
The builders keep breaking
The buzzing.
Attracted to the innocent.
The wolves lead the sheep.
The buzzing.
With a stare to crush their hopes and words.
To drown the flies.
Thier hands fall apart when we need to hold them.
And the skeleton speaks of what we've told them.
The buzzing.
They stare with the eyes of wolves, and the hearts of dead.
The builders keep breaking.

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    General CommentIf you really think about it deeply its like he is talking about the present, it sounds alot like today's events.

    The wolves lead the sheep, us being the sheep. "with a stare to crush their hopes and words" obviously if we are too afraid to speak and we are hopeless then we are doomed. Its like he is talking about the entire human race diminishing or changing.

    The builders keep breaking, almost like he means leaders of some sort, someone to build a foundation, every time we need them they break... they aren't there, they run, or flee. The skeleton speaks of what we've told them, the first thing that came to my mind was talking to the old generations, they tell us that something will happen, we don't listen to them and after they are gone and it happens.... "the skeleton speaks of what we've told them" we notice that they were right after they were gone.

    This is what i get out of the song, there is an overall, it seems like a song completely about today and the deceit that we are in all the time.
    KoiHoshion August 28, 2002   Link
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    General Commentwow dude you think really deep thats awesome. parade of chaos is an awesome CD i dont know where people get of saying it was terrible. it wasnt as intense pr heavy as other albums, but it rules.
    ZAOsk8er4jesuson September 14, 2002   Link
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    General Commentmy fav song on the new cd! =] They rockses like all crazyness!
    XxCeagonxXon September 14, 2002   Link
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    General Commentok... i got a similar meaning from this but not the same exact thing... it sounds to me like the end times and false teachers...l;ets break this down...
    "masks and fake skin"-sounds to me like a decietful christian. one of those people who go to church and put on this fake costume of who they are. they pretend to be this christian they are not and they think that they are right with god cuz they go to church and pretend good. then when it say, "the builders keep breaking." i think of a christian also. we are to build our foundation on christ. he is the rock and if we build on anything but him, we are building on sand. we will break if we build on anything but him. when it says,"attracted to the innocent the wolves lead the sheep" i think... there are false teachers all the time. and they target the innocent people. the people who don't know any better. these false teachers have something coming though. ya know? then they go on to saying..."With a stare to crush their hopes and words. To drown the flies." i think of those christians that walk around and tell people that they are going to hell or they say "shame shame" to everything that a non-christian does. we are tearing them down instead of building them up. we should share the good news with them not their doom. hah. "Thier hands fall apart when we need to hold them. And the skeleton speaks of what we've told them." we need to hold these people... not scold these people. and the skeleton speaks of what we told them... i am not sure what that means but i am thinking it is like when they die(hence the word skeleton) they will realize what they told them is true. ya know? and that is why we need to say things to non-believers in the right way. we can be right in what we are saying but wrong in how we are saying it. ya know? "They stare with the eyes of wolves, and the hearts of dead. The builders keep breaking."... oh man i am on a roll here... ok... i think i got this song down... so like he is saying that we, christians are just as empty as these wolves sometimes. ya know? like we are like rejecting the people who need us the most and saying that they are wrong all the time instead of helping them out. and like instead of "builders" building... we are the ones that are breaking them. we are tearing down any hope they had in their future... sad... and the whole buzzing thing... i have nooo clue. if i were going to try to say what i think about that one i would say that it is what they have left of the word of god in them. they used to be able to hear and understand god but it just turned into a buzzing after a while. so like they can hear Him but they just don't understand what god is all about anymore.... if someone thinks of this song differently please share. God bless!
    x777NERDxon October 12, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI think this whole album was about stuff like this, just look at Parade of Chaos and Free the Three
    xxcfl09on March 09, 2007   Link
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    General CommentBy far a great album.
    therisingendon September 24, 2007   Link

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