When I lost my way home
I was helpless
Like a small child
No eyes of my own
That could take me through the nighttime
No moonlight to guide me
No shadow to hide me
There in the dark
I found Sun Mountain
I once had a friend
Tried to help me
In a bad way
When I got to the end
Of a long and lonely highway
Strung out and down-hearted
Right back where I started
There in the dark
I found Sun Mountain
Here in my world
I remember
All the things I left behind
And if I need them
They will be there
A part of my mind
It's only a house
And the rooftop
Is the blue sky
No windows or walls
And the days or years pass by
I slept through the daylight
I woke up, it was midnight
There in the dark
I found Sun Mountain

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Sun Mountain Lyrics as written by Walter Carl Becker Donald Jay Fagen

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    General CommentThe meaning is a bit obscure but I think not overly so, and the mood is joyous.

    A happy Steely Dan song? First, my credentials as a cynic. I do not believe there is meaning in the world, it's just random with a tendency for things to come together just enough to happen but not enough apparently to sustain harmony for long. With that out of the way, here's why the song is crazy happy in a way that transcends your ordinary transient happiness, and is guaranteed for life as "the days or years pass by" even if the only place where you have to sleep "the rooftop is the blue sky". And you have no need for your smartphone (ok back it would have been your Hi-Fi) because this stuff, which is not drugs - there is a very good chance that in this lyric drugs were the friend who "tried to help me in a bad way" - this stuff is perfectly good even when you're out there in the darkest night.

    So a hipster might be perfectly justified at this point to say, nah, he's lost it and gone homeless and is OK with it because he's got this spiritual delusion. So it's doubly sad but if he is actually cool with it that's ironic, definitely.

    Still, I would say he's sincere in this song because he did get past numerous obstacles after "I lost my way home" to find something solid as a mountain and reliable just as you can be sure that the sun, come what may, will rise tomorrow. Now he has "eyes of my own" that can "take me through the nighttime". The nature of the spiritual enlightenment is debatable but I think that the sun's power and reliability is central to the Rig Veda and maybe to human existence generally and Fagen is rediscovering a timeless truth that just sounds cheesy when I say it. There will be struggles but the power of life persists and that power derives from the sun, whose steady course in the sky is symbol of that truth that is eternal, as long as we expect to live anyway. "Moonlight to guide me" could be just another self-discovered symbol of timeless insight on Fagen's part or he might have been aware of some of the symbolism in Chinese culture where I think the moon can represent clear awareness of our transient nature of going through phases. Fagen might imaginably been aware of the symbol of the full moon resembling a pearl of wisdom, maybe he'd seen a dragon-with-pearl figurine in a Chinese restaurant somewhere.

    If I'm right, it's the most optimistic Steely Dan song, though not totally unprecedented. If It Rains also has an optimistic and mystical bent along the same lines "When the sun shines at midnight", though there instead of ecstasy it's just persistence, he will still be singing "if it rains".
    jumpstopon July 04, 2014   Link
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    General CommentI am shocked this is on the page. Very rare song. Very melancholy & sad.For those who never heard it ,go to amazon .com
    kamakiriadon February 14, 2008   Link

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