A problem has been eating away at my skin
You told me I could trust you, cuz you were my friend
But our friendship is where the very problem lies
Cuz I fall in love all over again with every glimpse of your eyes

You said no cuz you don’t wanna take the risk
You said our friendship was something you would really miss
So I was left broken hearted and barely started to tell you how I feel
So you tried to talk to me and make it better with a hug as your seal

But with the best intentions come the worst results
And with every word you say
You try to make me laugh but I only cry
Cuz I can’t have it my way

Feels like I’m falling, I’m tripping
I can’t find my balance in this world
I’m stumbling and trembling inside
Cuz I’ll never get to make you my girl

Dreams have turned to nightmares and skies have turned to black
I know that you love me but I just can’t relax
You’re sorry about the way it all had to turn out
But you’re the only thing I’ve never been sorry about

A gentle hug and a peck on the cheek as you walk through your door
But as you left you took my happiness and left me feeling sore
So I turned on the radio hoping for an inspirational sound
What I noticed was a simple glory that had been new found

They say that I can’t stop pretending that you’re forever mine
And I think about how true that is as I lose track of the time
As Jordan sang the cd’s sixth track the words floated through my mind
You were always my Eyesore, making me blind

Pre (Repeat)

Chorus (Repeat)

You can pick your nose and you can pick your friends
But you can’t make them love you back
You can try your best and put it to the test
But soon you have to face the fact

You’re just a good friend
And now I’ll sing the end
You’re such a swell guy
But you’re just not her type

Pre (Repeat)

Chorus (Repeat Twice)

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