What do you think what do you make out of that recording?
I don't know, Gloria, I just,
Some kind of singing. They sound like all kinds of people, right?
And then it says "Another child is born in India every time you call this number," right?
Yeah, right.
Does that make any sense to you?
No, it doesn't make no sense to me.
And the guy that spoke I don't know who he is.
But that it doesn't sound like no answering machine, right?
No, it ain't an answering machine because they're not saying anything, they're just
But what does he get how does he make money on this? Whatever he's advertising in the paper, that's the part that don't make no sense.
Oh, he's advertising this in the paper you saw it.
In the Village Voice, yeah. They got that's where the Kiss Clinic, but they give you another number if you want to join it. And I got "Intellectuals meet with other intellectuals."
"Speak another language."
Yeah. Oh.
They meet at La Mai La Maisonette restaurant. They give you the price. Then they give you another number to call if you're interested. This guy, all you get is this here recording, but I don't see how he makes money.
Yeah, yeah.
You know what I'm saying? It's just they got the craziest things in that paper.
They come over with all they got the craziest things. But this one here "There Must Be Giants," it's called. And it says, "Call machine," and they got the phone number.
But what kind of money does he make? It don't make no sense. Well, he don't make any money, right?
But, then then he's a nut, right? Do you see do you see any sense to that? "There May Be Giants?" That re that recording I have on. The new one. Did you hear it? I changed it. I took off the intellectuals. I put on There May Be Giants.
Who's They May Be Giants?
What are you talking about?
That's what's on my the phone, There May Be argh, well I can't explain it. 'Cause I don't know what it is. Look in the paper, don't blame me if the guy's a nut.

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"Untitled Track" as written by H Jones


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    General CommentPretty self explanitory: Old people confused by what is new.
    SocialParasiteon September 07, 2002   Link
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    General Commenthahahah soooooo funny.
    i can't believe they got such wacky messages left on their dial-a-song machine.

    note: before john and john hit it big they only advertised the dial-a-song in the personal ads of the village voice... it was cheaper than posting it in the business section. it was titled only as tmbg dial-a-song, and when they were questioned about the ad being a business ad, john f. would reply,"hey this is my very personal shtick, don't embaress me."
    theparasprinteron May 01, 2003   Link
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    General Commenthahahahahaha. silly old people.
    great geo234on June 10, 2005   Link
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    General CommentBrilliant. Still funny after all these years. TMBG poking fun at how obscure they are - the funny part is this was recording long before they developed the huge cult following they have today.
    maddsurgeonon October 03, 2005   Link
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    General CommentIn addition to the above, in an Interview John Flansburgh stated he still has the recording in its entirety. The conversation actually continues after this, and went on until the tape got full (which was a 60 minute tape FWIH.)
    He also stated that during the entire conversation, Gloria never got the name right. Later in Gigantic (the TMBG film) he states that he was in a Barnes and Noble in Brooklyn and heard Gloria's voice. He ran around the place going "Gloria! Is that really you!? Where are you!?"
    quampon September 07, 2014   Link

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