I tried to pass the coffee shop,
But it called to me, I had to stop,
Maybe just to grab a demitasse.
But the man behind the counter said
I needed more to clear my head,
And summoned up a steaming bronco blast.

Four shots of espresso made up the drink
All the thoughts I wished I could unthink
Were lost within the cup of devil's foam.
My ears atuned to every sound,
Thoughts in my head spun around
As I struggled to find my way back home.

My life's an insomniac's nightmare.
Maybe it's the caffeine in my brain.
My life's an insomniac's nightmare.
If I don't get some sleep, I'll go insane.

Stumbling back into my room
Bright lights cutting through the gloom
Maybe now, I thought, I'd get some rest.
Wanna lie down, feet can't stop pacing
Gotta relax, heart's still racing
Gotta stop and face that evil test.

Test of my life, I must prevail,
But I'd be lucky if I even fail.
I think the prof's in league with the caffeine.
How bitter was the angst I tasted,
Thinking back on those nights I wasted.
How much Baywatch Nights have I seen?

Andy Griffith, I Love Lucy
Amazing Discoveries,
The Weather Channel, Vibe
Team Knight Rider.
Cop Rock, Iron Chef,
testing pattern, static,
The Late Late Show with
Tom Snyder


I needed to sleep, it was getting late.
It's outta my hands and into Fate's,
But Fate's not acting too reliably.
I just don't know when to stop,
'cause that stuff's good until I drop.
Maybe I should switch to herbal tea.

Lying awake, my eyelids light,
I watched the Sandman lose this fight.
And then I heard a clock outside strike three.
Well, I don't know for whom it rings,
But it's there pulling at my strings,
And I just wish that I could break free.


I guess I woke up, I couldn't tell
When my mind came back from mocha hell,
But I don't know what happened to the rest o' me.
I'm not sure I ever got to sleep.
I was counting hours instead of sheep.
Now there's just one more before my destiny.

My feet dragged me to the testing place
While my mind was still Lost in Space,
I never would have found it otherwise.
I tried sitting calmly in my desk,
But when they handed out that test,
I could swear my life flashed before my eyes.

Kenya Decaf Swiss Water,
French Vanilla, Irish Creme,
Java, Venezuelan
Los Achiss
Amaretto, Snicker Doodle,
Colombian Bucaramanga,
Coffee mugs that cost
Ten bucks apiece.

I opened the exam with dread
But by some miracle, I found instead
The answers came together piece by piece.
Like vegetarians don't eat... meat!
And what does sugar taste like? Sweet!
And too much fat can make you get obese.

I filled in the answers at a comfortable pace,
Satisfied I had somehow aced
The final for Nutrition Science 10.
So I guess the moral of what came to pass
Is don't stress out if it's an easy class
Still I'm never gonna do that again.

Do that again.



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