For every story gone untold
There's a secret that dissolves
So many pieces still unsolved
You're not quite who you think you are
Can see the symptoms from afar
I'm hosing down your shooting star
There you go again to fall
Waiting on a friend to call
If you wait I'm gonna drive it home
(Carry all of this away from here)
If you wait I'm gonna drive it home
(Kiss you every time the rains appear)
Sometimes we wish for far away
But something always makes me stay
Far too strong a bond to try and break
You know exactly where you've been
The shooting star is hardly seen
Outshined by every other beam
There you go again to fall
Waiting on a friend to call
If you wait I'm gonna drive it home
(Carry all of this away from here)
If you wait I'm gonna drive it home[repeated]
(Kiss you every time the rains appear)
(I'm feeling richer I'm feeling taller)
(I feel like every time I try to fit the picture)
(I've got to keep up with all the others)
(Looking for whatever we were never to discover)
Now you're ringing out slowly
Like cathedral bells
And you'd sleep through heaven
Just to get to hell
Now you drop away slowly
Like the autumn leaves
But you lose your colour
When you hit the street
When you hit the street
When you hit the street

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    General CommentThis song deals with unfullfilled and forgotten dreams.
    The lines: "(I've got to keep up with all the others)" and "If you wait I'm gonna drive it home
    (Carry all of this away from here)"
    suggest to me that Fanning is troubled by desires he has that have negative influences... such as how the media could make a girl want to lose weight or a man act hyper-masculine- and that he wants to break away from that. He wants to alter other people's desires as well :" I'm hosing down your shooting star"
    This causes hopelessness because now with out dreams or aspirations there is no hope, but he wants to reassure that you already have everything you could ever want, though we might think we want to live in an 'ideal', larger than life world.
    This is because our true aspirations are blocked out by fake wishes : "The shooting star is hardly seen
    Outshined by every other beam"
    Finally, when we get everything we thought we wanted, we realize how unhappy where we are, in a 'Woe to he who gets what he desires' sense. At the end, Fanning shows strong references to suicide by jumping of a building. The lines "And you'd sleep through heaven
    Just to get to hell" showing that there was more happiness when we didn't have all the things that we wanted.
    I'm pretty sure Fanning was refering to more specific things, though I can't see exactly what they were. Anyway, that was my interpretation.
    FlyHueon June 14, 2007   Link
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    General Commentwould love to know what this song is about. Has to be my fav Powderfinger song by far. love it
    Morphyon February 27, 2005   Link
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    General CommentNow you drop away slowly
    Like the autumn leaves
    But you lose your colour
    When you hit the street

    Love this part very much, someone fading away....
    bonnieblueson October 07, 2006   Link
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    General Commentvery nice said FluHue
    bonnieblueson June 23, 2007   Link
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    My OpinionMy fave album song from the fingers, and i am a BIG fan
    listenend 2 powderfinger every day for 10 months :p
    haha sad much?? lol
    but they r so good
    joshyyon April 28, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThis is the 3rd song of powderfinger's "Oi" trilogy
    3 songs from 3 albums have the letter "oi" in a song
    Oipic- Double allergic
    Capoicity- Internationalist
    Thilloilogy- Oydessy# 5
    there is a good explination on wikipedia
    joshyyon April 28, 2009   Link
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    General Commenti always thought this song was about living your life for other people, like your family, and not for yourself. Putting your dreams and ambitions on hold because you dont know how to break away from them, especially when those desires you have are different from what is considereed "normal" for everone else in your life.

    thats how i realte to it anyway.

    also one of my fave from powderfinger.
    jenniferkymon January 14, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI’m not exactly sure what Fanning is pointing to in this song but from some symbolism and the key of the song it’s clearly a negative connotation.

    a reoccurring theme seems to be the ‘shooting star’. Usually when we see a shooting star we are supposed to make a wish. From this I feel that the shooting star is a symbol for hopes and dreams. Before I delve deeper into the lyrics I’d like to highlight that the verse is in a minor key, and chorus, in major.
    So first up ima look at the first verse, I’m not sure about the first two lines “with every story gone untold, there’s a secret that dissolves” but I’d assume this is hinting to someone with depression that no one else knows about- no one will know that you have depression and no one will know why if you don’t tell stories, hence the secret is never solved. As said in the line “so many pieces still unsolved”. After seeing this line I’m thinking fanning is trying to work out why someone is sad or if fanning himself is depressed. He then says “I’m hosing down ur shooting star” i see this as Fanning crushing someone’s dreams or getting them out of fantasy land, as I feel that someone with depression forgets to empathise with anyone else, or he’s getting someone else out of the fantasy land as they’d turn to to escape reality.

    The next verse starts off saying, “sometimes we wish for far away, but something always makes me stay”. This sounds a lot like fanning dreaming to get away from where he is, either physically or emotionally. Maybe he’s being forced to stay by a toxic lover, or something that could be keeping him back metaphorically would be something like alcohol, drugs or another unhealthy habit that makes him happy yet worse, like an alcohol addiction.
    A similar reference is in Silverchairs, ‘Ana’s Song’ where Daniel Johns struggles to fight anorexia, Ana’s song is also written with a minor key in the verse and a major key key in the chorus. I’m specifically talking about when Johns says “but I need u now somehow” stating how he somehow needs ana, short for anorexia, although it’s bad for him.
    I believe it’s a similar concept in this song.
    Fanning also says “far too strong a bond to break” either his bond to a person or a addiction. And “the shooting star is hardly seen, outshined by every other beam” this could mean he is the shooting star and he feels as if his emotions aren’t noticed, or he doesn’t see his dreams because he is to busy getting by the challenges he already has.

    Now I’ll touch on the chorus, the key of the chorus really stood out to me, like in Ana’s song where the major keyed chorus is about how he’ll beat anorexia. I once again feel as if this is the same situation, Fanning wants to beat whatever’s making him depressed, he wants to escape a relationship, an addiction or maybe multiple reasons hence the double edged lyrics. The primary line is, “if you wait, I’m gonna drive it home” drive it home like beat it and win it or complete it. Like ‘drive it home’ as an idiom. Then the lines between that say “carry all of this away from here” and the other lines sound like a call and response like saying he’s carrying all of depression away with a distraction, from the next line “kiss you every time the rains appear” I assume it’s a lover, he kisses his lover every time he feels depressed as that what rain typically represents, then the kiss represents her care. Maybe this is why he can’t escape as shes the reason he’s depressed yet she also distracts him from it. But even still the kiss could still represent taking another drink or consuming more drugs.

    Finally the outro/interlude. I believe it’s about fanning losing his fight and slowly fading away into a worse abyss, with the music becoming slower and darker sounding fanning sings “ you’d sleep through heaven, jus to get to hell”, I think this means he tries to sleep off the depression as that’s we’re he feels relaxed and comfortable, but he’s only sleeping himself to hell as he sleeps through the good parts of life and doesn’t do the things that make him happy because he’s depressed and ends up making himself more depressed. “Now you drop away slowly, like the autumn leaves, but you lose your colour, when you hit the street” these are the most obvious lines in the song, he’s fading into a worse state of depression, and only loses his colour completely when he gets out of the house and out of his comfort zone.

    Anyway that’s all I have to say would love some feedback and thank you for reading.
    05prestonwon February 13, 2021   Link

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