Come baby come, it's so easy when you're used to it.
Come baby come, it's so easy when you're used to it.
Dum baby dum, if it's on your tongue then you're chewin it.
Toes baby toes, it had baby toes when it was born.
Nose baby nose, every baby knows the same sad song.

So come baby come, it gets easy when you're used to it. Numb baby numb, cause all your life you're chewin it. Stunned baby stunned, right between her eyes theres two in here. Done baby done, in the arbituars they're doing it.

So come baby come, it goes down easy when you're used to it. None baby none, I have found not one thing true with it.

Once in your life you got sick but it did not change your mind. Twice you didn't like it but your momma told you it was maulky. You came down cause you thought it was funny. Momma told you that it was maulky. But baby it's not funny any more. So come baby come, take my hand and we are through with it.

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    General CommentI think this song is aobut the loss of innocence, and getting use to the horrible things in life. "its so easy when you're use to it"
    grifflkynon March 02, 2006   Link
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    General CommentIt's not about sex?
    milk_and_honeyon February 21, 2007   Link
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    General CommentCall me fucking insane, but I think this song might just be about animal rights. It would also help to get the correct lyrics--the word is "monkey" not "maulky!" And it's also "abattoirs" which means slaughterhouse.

    I mean, think about it: what would toes have to do with anything if it were about sex? He's not really talking about them as erogenous zones. Or getting sick once? If you got sick from having sex (i.e., STD's or if you're pregnant, morning sickness) I doubt you'd only be sick once. And, in regards to the abattoirs line, an animal would probably be stunned to death in a slaughterhouse, doncha think?

    Basically, it sounds like they've (Ted and his "baby") turned their backs on that, because they don't seem to morally agree with it.

    Thoughts? I'm crazy, aren't I?
    Blackbird_1565on June 05, 2008   Link
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    General Commentwhat i get out of this song is a guy talking to his girlfriend about discovering sex, and then talking her into having an abortion.

    in the beginning, i think the gratuitous use of the word come is used humorously as a sexual reference, as a young inexperienced couple would find the idea of ejaculate "on the tongue."

    the second verse sounds like a slightly older and wiser lover is being encouraged firstly to get calloused to life in general, but specifically to the idea that even with the shocking realization that "there are two in there," creatures get murdered all the time in "abattoirs" which i agree with Blackbird is the correct lyric. where he says

    "come baby come, it goes down easy when you're used to it. None baby none, I have found not one thing true with it," that the person singing that he realizes all justifications for aborting a child, like getting numb to life, are just rationalizing--if slightly unhealthy--ways to deal with how much pain life gives us.

    i think the girlfriend being talked to in the song asked her mother about sex--specifically oral sex-- and her mother told her it was hard to get used to, but all part of life. the girlfriend probably laughed when she got such candid talk about what is usually a taboo subject with parents and their kids.

    now with the pregnancy the narrator tells his girlfriend that it was fun, but the days of fun without responsibility are over. their decision seems to go and face their problem with a tough solution: "take my hand and we'll be through with it." probably the pregnancy and the relationship at once.
    mimekarateon July 02, 2008   Link
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    General CommentComparing an abortion to slaughterhouses. Plus what everyone else said.
    KT1425on August 31, 2008   Link

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