Tonight the moon is playing tricks again
Feeling sea sick again
The world could just dissolve
Into a glass of water
I've been good 'cause I know you don't want me to
Do you really want me to be as blue as you
It's her daylight that gets me through

We've been here before
Last time you scratched at my door
The moon was naked and cold
I was like a two year old
Who just wanted more
If you wear that velvet dress
If you wear that velvet dress

Tonight the moon has drawn its curtains
It's a private show no one else going to know
I'm wanting

Sunlight fills my room
It's sharp and it's clear
But nothing at all like the moon

It's okay
The struggle for things not to say
I never listened to you anyway
And I got my own hands to pray

If you wear that velvet dress
If you wear that velvet dress

Tonight the moon is a mirror ball
Light flickers from across the hall
Who'll catch the star when it falls

If you wear that velvet dress

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If You Wear That Velvet Dress Lyrics as written by Dave Evans Adam Clayton

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If You Wear That Velvet Dress song meanings
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    General CommentThis has got to be one of the sexiest songs of all time...
    Blackwellon June 10, 2004   Link
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    General CommentThe original version of this song is great, but i was really moved by the version done live in Mexico City. The band was just hyped after performing Discotheque so it was an awesome transition into Velvet Dress. The live recording of it is great. Search it out or go buy the Mexico City concert video.
    aayers007on November 19, 2004   Link
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    General Commentdriving at night, the whole album is great to listen to driving at night. This might be my favorite u2 song. call me loco
    amshuston January 07, 2005   Link
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    General Commentthis is what this song means to me. The main person (Bono i guess) is in a new relationship. Hes comfortable likes it but he still has thoughts about memories about his last relationship. To me his previous relationship was not purely, but mostly sexual. Now he thinks about her a lot and maybe be put in a situation where he could be with her again:

    "we've been here before... last time you scratched at my door
    the moon was naked and cold I was like a two year old
    who just wanted more
    if you wear that velvet dress"

    the velvet dress must be something that is the proverbial 'straw that broke the camels back' Its the one thing that would put him over the edge if he saw her in it. then he cheats on whoever he is with:

    "tonight the moon has drawn its curtains
    it's a private show no one else going to know
    I'm wanting"

    Then the next day or whenever, hes back with the current girlfriend. He compares one as the sun and one as the moon. The old girl is the moon and the new girl the sun:

    "sunlight sunlight fills my room
    it's sharp and it's clear
    but nothing at all like the moon... "

    wow what an amazing song. i love it. without a doube the sexiest U2 song to date. any one agree with all of this?
    aayers007on January 13, 2005   Link
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    General Commenti'm pretty sure this song was written about bono's wife, as is a good portion of his music. either way, this song is fucking amazing. very sensual, very sexy... i love it.
    rocksnikkion January 15, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI think aayers may be pretty close to the real meaning of this song, it's surely about temptation and evaluating true relationships and fake ones
    Marquezon October 19, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI think Aayers really nailed it. That wasn't my original impression of the song, but it certainly makes a great deal of sense and I must say, that interpretation makes the already sexy song ten degrees sexier!

    The line that intrigues me the most about this song is the very last one..."Who'll catch the star when it falls?" The whole song is pretty much summed up in that one final line. Throughout POP, Bono deals a lot with his fame and stardom and all that comes with it, and I think that's what he refers to here. Going along with Aayers' interpretation, which I wholeheartedly agree with, I think that in the last line he's asking the question that the whole song has been leading up to...If he gives in to one night of incredible temptation, where will he end up? Who'll catch the star when it falls = Would he ever be forgiven and would he ever be able to forgive himself if he did it? Who will be there to catch his fall?

    Amazing song. I love it. I love listening to it alone in the dark of my living room with a glass of wine. Beautiful imagery in this one. You can just imagine that's what Bono's doing as he writes these lyrics....the only difference being that he's in a hotel far away from his home.
    eirenightshadeon December 31, 2005   Link
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    General Commentit is amazing song, i'm hipnotised with its mood, its lyrics, for me it is about love and illusion...which part of love it is a play of our imagination, of this what we want to believe, how we want to see...on our interior stage of soul, with the memories and desires
    venussmiloon January 07, 2006   Link
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    General CommentHave you heard the live version of this song? Its on the Beautiful Day Pt. 2 single. It was recorded live from Mexico City and it just sounds awsome!! Great song to listen to at night when your alone.
    jeramym80on February 10, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthis song is definitely so sexy. and taboo. and he's torn. aayers nailed it. i do hate to admit, though, but i just hurt this song for the first time today! just searching for other random stuff i came across it:

    do you really want me to be as blue as you?

    this old 'fling' is sorta 'bad' - "i've been good cause i know you don't want me to." "It's her daylight (the new positive light in his life) that gets me through" but if you wear that little tempting dress you little temptress, i won't be able to say no...

    "Tonight the moon is a mirrorball" reflecting me on you...
    zenbettyon October 12, 2006   Link

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