"Trojan Curfew" as written by and Stephen Malkmus....
Greek gods are communing
Beneath the doric arch
And they talk how small we humans are
They drink to agamemnon
They toast his pyhrric march
And wait for the sacrifices

Shepherds herd in real time
Sheep are barley-grazing on a field of green
Vines ripen to find
Troy will prevail
Trojan curfews prevail

So we got smashed on ios
Down around some doric arch
And the trashed blonde scandi
Mistook me for a swede
Her slurred medieval accent
Was like a puddle at my feet
You could see chopped tobacco in her teeth

On a rock hard strip of concrete
Near a field of green
We sign deutschmarks are fine
Aren't you too pale
Does it hurt you?
So pale
Trojan curfews prevail

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"Trojan Curfew" as written by Stephen Malkmus


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    General Commentperhaps the reason I like this song so much is that I'm a classical languages major, and am kind of obsessed with roman/trojan culture.
    obviously, Troy did not prevail. I think Maklmus's use of language is incredible. I mean, who else would say something like "Her slurred Medieval accent / was like a puddle at my feet." it's some wonderful poetry, beautiful language. and the sound...ahh...incredible.
    catherinekson May 01, 2003   Link
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    General CommentLove this song. Having spent a lot of time in the Greek islands in my day, particularly on Ios, I found the irony of the lyrics so simple to understand and yet so poignant and true. Ios is considered a 'party' island and is extremely popular with Scandinavians (Swedes, Danes and such.) The beautiful irony which SM alludes to is that, on just about any sweet summer night, you can sit in the town's hiostoric plaze, with its Greek columns and tavernas all around, and be surrounded by "trashed blonde Scandis" and just totally absorb the vibe and the irony of the moment. The irony being that a couple of 1000 years ago, the Greek inhabitants of the island were sitting in the same square, perhaps under a different set of circumstances, but sitting there nonethesame doing the same thing as those who are enjoying the moment now are doing.

    that is so friggin' rich. SM totally gets it.
    peacefrogxon September 21, 2007   Link
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    General Comment*** Flaccid waves converging ***

    One of my favorite songs ever. I also think the slide guitar adds to the paradisy/vacationy meaning within the song. The instrumental outro is what made me go out and get the cd and become a Malkmus fan for life... an underrated great of our time.
    MrTJ219on November 08, 2011   Link
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    MemoryI talked to Malkmus about this song after a gig in Leeds, UK. We talked about how in Jason and the Argonauts the gods look down up on the humans and play them like chess and how he liked that idea. I got to tell him that 'Her slurred medievil accent was like a puddle at my feet' was one of my favourite ever lyrics.
    honestrabbiton December 04, 2014   Link

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