Drown yourself in bread and coffee. Fast forward right through the news. We spend weeks just window shopping. What else can we really do? We could be anybody.
And everytime you take the water. We are too afraid to smile. Our faces turn transparent, paper glass after a while. We see everybody.

And it's a long distraction. Between our satistfaction. And any good time she'd be just rollin' by.

Now the bees are indicators. Maybe we should go outside. The fire drill keeps humming. There are floods that change the tide. Theres one day for everybody.
We are pairs of apple layin starved for clothes that we could wear. Long strings of double lookers, easy listeners everywhere. We could be anybody.

And it's a long distraction. Between our better actions. And any good time she'd be just rollin' by.

We keep the graveyard a ship sunk in the glass. The silverware is buried out back.

And it's a long distraction. Between our satisfactions. And any good time she'd be just rollin' by.

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    this song is really good. one of my favorites off of their new album.

    the promise ring changed their sound a lot on this album...and i didn't really like that too much. but it is still quality stuff from a quality band. rock on.

    one*name*famouson July 14, 2002   Link
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    they kick ass. this is one of their best songs. if u ever have the chance to see them in concert, i highly reccomend it. they sound just like they do on the cd. rock on man.

    TheStartingLine101on August 07, 2002   Link
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    yeah i read some article in Spin, that they were tired of being classified "emo". so they decided to change their sound a lot. i don't understand why but they said it just wasn't the sound they wanted or something.

    gangstaprankstaon September 16, 2002   Link
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    I always thought the lyric went "we are pairs of apheleon" and just pronounced incorrectly. Didn't Davey also get a case of brain cancer between this album and the last as well? That sort of thing could go a long way towards changing their sound from silly pop songs that use the same 4-chord progression across an entire album to this. But does anybody have any idea what this dude is ever talking about?

    LOL mikeon December 25, 2004   Link

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