Your words such unessential lies
Refract my barred up eyes
You all tell me I'm confined
in my "shell of hallucinations"
So try and make me realise
Break my secure enclosure
Just try and I know you'll make me laugh
To hell with your damn comprehension

You belabour me for past and present mishaps
as if I had the might of alteration
You've had your trips into my brain, I know you begrudge
Now let me leave for my amenity

So you see, you whitecoated freak
I don't need your allegations
Instead join me to sanity's end
with my sweet needle of salvation

Increasing needs
The one I trust
He runs in my veins
Under his soothing crust

You're no longer in charge of my alluring illusions
that takes me wherever I want, my
rises strong and makes me the ruler of
as reality fades, I'm a king on clouds
The selfpity no longer runs in my veins I'm a
MALEVOLENT REVELATION please let me stay,

LEFT OUT, Dragged down into emptyness
Drowning in floods of misunderstanding
WHY do you all look aside,
You're ripping my dignity AWAY
Inside identity is leaking out
REALIZATION is catching up on me
My needs bashes false immortality
into my affected being...chaos

Cravings of delight
slowly eats my soul
Trapped within myself
Defraying my own lies
Bewalling my demise
Deep penury...internally

I feel marred by errors, can't you see
my desires are calling for me
The sovereign of abnegations,

swings his feelers for a new relation
Come, mesmerize my oppressive mind
Tear apart these vehement cravings
Give me something to live for, bring me back
from my purgatory of obsessions

Increasing needs
The one I trust
He runs in my veins
Under his soothing crust

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"Abnegating Cecity" as written by Jens Kidman Fredrik Thordendal

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Abnegating Cecity song meanings
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    General Commentabnegation: the denial / rejection of a belief
    Cecity: the state of being blind or lacking sight
    refract: To bend or change direction
    begrudge: envy: be envious of; set one's heart on
    amenity: A non-essential enhancement to property that adds value.
    malnutriated: not a word. Maybe they meant malnutritioned.
    malevolent: wishing evil to others
    defray: to bear the expenses of
    bewalling: not a word. Maybe they meant bewailing.
    demise: death, an end of something
    penury: a state of extreme poverty or destitution

    Overall, the song seems to be about a drug addition.

    “Whitecoated freaks” refers to medical professionals that diagnose his mind, maybe psychiatrists. “Sweet needle of salvation” has obvious implications to an addiction.

    The first part of this song comes off in a sort of self-confident, retaliating tone of “I don’t need you, this is who and what I am and I am okay with that.”

    The second part of the song seems to switch gears, beginning with “Ripping my dignity way”...”Identity is leaking out”...”REALIZATION is catching up on me.” He mentions this craving as eating away at his soul, and that he feels trapped within himself. “Defraying my own lies” seems to mean, in a sense, “reaping what I have sown” by the things I have believed. He senses a feeling of deep, internal poverty. “Give me something to live for”...”bring me back from my purgatory of obsessions” seems to be a call for help.

    In the life of an addict, the first step in recovery is admitting that one has a problem. In the world of addiction, there is a place called “Rock Bottom” that one must arrive at before he is able to admit an addiction. It is a place where he comes face to face with the reality of his need for this thing, the damage this thing is doing to him / others, and his inability to stop. I’m not assuming any member of Meshuggah is an addict, but if they were, this song sure sounds like one of those “Rock Bottom”
    matttafton August 10, 2006   Link

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