my heart wont melt anymore, if anything its only stronger
my tolerence for this pain has upheld, and is built to substain
its such a different situation when, when i finally learn to see your eye\'s disguise
i feel the defeat, with the secret alliance you\'ve built towards me,
you talk to me about love, when youve showed me nothing but the signs hate
you tell me you cared, told me you were scared, when you felt like nobody cared.. still id call you late at night, told you things would be alright
but i guess some signs of this love, can sometimes be over looked~
are only said to cover up~. you were only trying to cover up
.youve built these mixed emotion\'s
i guess im supposed to forgive, fuck the words to uplift,, this wont heal this time, i\'ll always know what its like to feel, im sorry i tried so hard, be what you wanted me to be..i hope your happy with what youve done, this trickery youve pulled on me
youve got alot of pull, and i dont deserve you aspire things towards me all the time,
in your censored design, i try to define, how can i make, a decision of hate, mesh all into a simple ryme, i never thought we\'d turn out like this, im not calling you a lyer, but you set the fire and i\'ll only let it burn\" (i\'ll only let it burn) stand by and watch it burn*
my emotions running dry under fire and running out of time..
whether ill pull through this time, wether i want to cry or if i
but i try and its all i can doo its all i can do
whether i want ot puill through whether i want do cry, maybe id want to die time\'s not a factor anymore, anymore
(defiiinee^ its the fire in this vaast* ocean and it shines so bright, the moon reflex of like a lit -broken candle stick, on a mirror broken down to a million peices and shattered and torn to ever shre\'d you could possible imagine, its more pain for one to feel, its not so easy to forget, and even harder to pull through, but maybe its what he has to do, to procede to live )

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