a teardrop, slingshots into this night
into my life*, i* i was not expecting, i was not rejecting, anyone or anything at all, this point, i cannot rejoice, without this pain, overflows like december rain
its not something i* i couldnt turn from her cry's, youd feel the emptyness she felt inside. like a quake, miles and miles away, day after day, it was the final flight, her destination crashed and burned, for everyone to see, to feel, to finally feel, these wounds of her's wont heal . her cry's you cant get over her cry's, its why* it was sad to see her die, your so much filled with pride, she's overwhelmed with the apathy
i felt the guilt of a crime, she let her life pass her by,
more than one time, its the love afair of the night life, its the way nobody cared or put up the right fight, i was not a member, i dont want to remember,
things wont get better in time, this time
the laughter and the cry's she's she'd have all ended in goodbye's
in letter's on her bed, the appologese nobody ever read, things wont get better when she's dead, the letter gets wetter when she'd dead, she was not a stray, just misunderstood, there was not need for her broken appologese, or the nights she stayed up, "will this be my last night" the heart pound's pick up just right,, close the curtain, look behind these wall's, lookin her eye's create, you'll see this artificial night, with an arrow through her chest, it was not the way to go, _nobody, felt her, held her*, caressed in her heart, kissed her, its all in her* she closed her eyes* never knowing, how special she could be, everything about you defines this sad song, ive grown to love, still she shouldnt be gone! but, she's gone~
she's gone without every knowing, love for life never growing, she's gone without ever knowing, she's loved

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this cant be home anymore song meanings
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