My head aches
Water is too cold for my burden to take
and this night makes me weary
and my eyes aren't dry
but dry enough to carry out my tears
and to remind me,
that everyday is leaving
just like you

Please let me explain
I know i dont deserve to
and I know things have changed
and talking to you
talking to you brings me here
here is where we need to go
when each one changes
for the better I should hope
and I cant explain
the way I've made you feel
And that matters
it matters to me
and sitting up until one
the time wont matter
but the time I used
used to think of you
and how much I've fucked things up
and how time pressed my fate
in my own hands I held it
and my hand had felt it
like holding a knife by the blade
and the pain wont fade
from the mistakes I've made
if only I could understand
and know the world by the clouds
and never hurt anyone again
Please dont hurt anyone again

And I've been thinking
the things I've been thinking
about the past
and how it hurt everything
And how my choices
To keep a mistaken crisis
from a beautiful girl who stopped loving me
because i should never have lived the past
but i did, and theres nothing i would love
to do to have you in my arms again

But you dont want me back, no
but why wont you believe me?
dont leave me unanswered
Because i still love you more
than ever i have
dont let me make this hard
but harder than it has to be

This night hasnt come to a start
the sun is almost up
and the clouds painted with light
Beautiful colours
Colours dance too short and time
time steals them away all too quickly
Before the light can upstage the day

Do I like being alone?
or do I just like having no one around me?
please don't let me be alone
Because maybe you can love
me after what ive done
because time just makes me think
about how i miss you

And with your arm
wanting to paint stars in the sky
and holding my chest
I guess this is goodbye

it's one forty two and ive
missed you for too long
ive done too much to hurt you
and i know you, and i need you
please dont let me hurt you
but hey, this is to a girl
a girl who got into my head
with all these fucked up things
i did,
and lines from our song,
i never had it
it never changes, dont let me
Catch me as i fall and
help my pain
the way i caused yours

The time of your life
and songs that i love
and songs we can share
but now you hate
but songs to a beautiful girl
and poets that I never was
finished our hope
stop thinking about such melodies
and thinking about the song

Remember, do you remember when you wrote
me that note?
And how much we felt
and times we kissed
you stopped me and you wanted to talk
lets talk,
About the places we went
and the places we met
No, these places we hate
because of promises
promises never made
because a promise only deserves the name
when it is never broken

Hey, baby
why dont we catch a bus
and maybe things will seem right again
and you can take me home
so we wont be alone
no, dont be alone
or lets toast to us
wont drinking up till night seem right again?
thats what i dont get
its how we first met

we need to breathe

Lets stop and breathe
becasue we all need to breathe
no matter how much we'd hate to
and how much we know we wont regret it
just breathe
and save me
from the air that surrounds me

If this is how it happens
and you never want to see me
never again
not in your dreams
and not in mine
Just please give me a chance
to put an end to this pain
because i miss you too much
to ever hurt you again

Would you ever let me?
because i'll always need you
because we all need a little love
and i dont derserve you
but nobody does
in a world so battered and torn
and of all the pretty babies born
You make each day a smile
a smill i'll miss
each day that i live
please come back and live
because we all need a little more love
wont you let me love?
ill stay here all night
Let me stay up all night
And i'll miss you in my arms
because we all love you in our arms
and because theres only so much i can say
But theres nothing i wont do
So please give me an answer
and give my feelings somewhere to stay
before the pen carries them away

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