Punk ass white boys thinkin they're tough
Tryin to start with me and gettin all rough and shit
And trying to steal my shit
Ya just don't get it punk.
I'll kick yer ass and beat ya down
Laughin the whole time yer on the ground
Yeah trying to be like me you ain't got it fool
Take yer white ass outta my hood
Yeah cause we'll come after ya we'll swarm
Stay the hell out ya fuck, ya been warned!

I'm a Lebanese virgin straight from the Gaza
All the fuckin white boys, hanging in my plaza.
I cam to get up, I came to get down
So jump around, jump around!

Drivin down the Rotary on my new bike
Sellin my crack to the Peckerwood Dikes
Till some white boy claimed it was his
I said shut the fuck up and mind your own biz
I stole this bike fair and square
I said shut the fuck up or I'll take your underwear
Then the cops swarmed me, put me up on felony
I said I'm innocent ya just ain't smellin me
You better be afraid cause you are next
I'm comin after all you mother fuckin rednecks!

1 2 3

Now I'm here on behalf of my family,
I'm married to my sister and my kids are all retarded
I'll be ready in a bit,
So bend over Ma
And squeal like a pig
For yer Ol Billy Bob!

I'm a Redneck virgin, straight from my tractor
Ya might think I'm dumb, but ya forgot one factor
I came to get up, I came to get down,
Hey Sis, do me twice!

I got 30 brothers and 6 of em are my nephews
Georgie, Suzanne, Peggy Sue, Cletus, Leroy Brown,
Blonde Hair, Squirrel, Jesus, Hades, Colored Eyes, Angel Pie,
Tim, Aluicious, Yokel, Ed.
Relax my little pussy fart, I'm your father!


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Peckerwood Paridise (pigeon Remix) song meanings
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