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Comin straight from the street, a hardcore purity
Noone obeys the law cause there ain't no authority
Smoking dope here, smoking dope there
Smoke a huge joint and just sit there and stare at nothin
I know its kinda silly, the hell with that baby bounce them titties!
Pussy over here, pussy over there,
Surrounded by pussy so i just don't care
You think you're pretty fly, fuck I got the Hunnys
I got more tricks than my boy Bugs Bunny.

Let me show you how it's done, how to talk to the ladies
Just listen to me and then you'll maybe get some
Fuck that I ain't talking,
She dont give good cone the bitch is walking
Don't playa hate if you don't recognize
All you poor hunny's gotta realize
Am I trippin but that bitch looks fine
Or am I real high?
All you brothers can get in the line,
Cause that trick is mine.

I knew this girl her name was Cindy
She blew so good we called her Windy
But she was annoying as shit
And gotta smelly snitch
Fuck that girl I'll get me a new bitch.

I had a girl and her name was Suzy
And her pussy was tight and nice and juicy.
But she ate too much chicken
And she grew a big gut,
Now she's fat, I gotta find a new slut.

There once was this bitch and her name was Pam,
She spread as easy as strawberry jam.
But her pussy was ugly
And covered in scabs
So I dumped that bitch and got a new drab.

I got this girl who loves to hump me
So I took her to my place and then she loved to suck me
I dumped that bitch
On the next block
Next I heard that bitch got shot.

I had this girl her name was Laurie,
She had a fine ass and was always horny
Everything was going hunky dory
Till I saw that bitch, doing the Dirty Twitch!
(To Twitch, hope ya like it!!!)

I had Amy and her eyes were brown
But i knew that bitch she loved to get down.
We were doing good
Until I was told,
That damn bitch was 11 years old!!!!

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