Here I am you're in my mother fucking Empire
I'll rip your ticket then set ya on fire
I'll tear ya up like Hannibal and feed ya to the animals
And kill your mother fucking ass and eat ya like a cannibal.
Ever meet me ya wish you weren't born
Ever wonder what we do to the butter on your popcorn?
I'll beat ya with my flashlight and Exit Wounds
Then jump on your skull like a bunch of goons.
Along Came a Spider and tangled ya in it's web,
While I do your girl in her parents bed.
Don't fuck with me I'm worse than Norman Bates
Surprise Surprise I'm the Enemy at the Gates.
Like Joe Dirt you're just white trash
And like big dicks up your ass.
Me and Brock will go smoke a gram
Don't mess with me I'm the mother fucking Movie Man.

He's the movie man, movie movie movie man. (x4)

Here I am the one and only Gas Man
I'm here today just to take a stand.
I heard ya want to go you cum guzzling queen
I'll beat you with my squeegie and hose ya down in gasoline
You don't fuck with me or I'll let loose
Bring your ass over here and I'll give ya a fucking boost.
All the girls cruisin by checkin out my ass
They say "I see you baby, pumpin that gas!"
You're going to fast fool, you're speeding
Overheating, you're asking for a beating.
You're a dirty mother fucker should be living at the dump
I'm going to take your mama and PUMP PUMP PUMP
You can win with me cause I'm the best
When compared to you and your hairy fucking chest.
All the girls love my extra long hose
But when it comes to you, everybody knows
You're not a man, you're a fairy, you're a skullfucking prick
And all the girls know you aint no bigger than a dipstick.

He's the Gas Man, gas gas gas man
He likes to pump you, pump pump pump you (x4)

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