buh uh uh
ah ah ah ah
what is the more like skank song?
more like skanks
ey yooooo
death by willard up in hear
j-j-j-jucy juice
and the s-s-s-stew steps
j-jucy juice
stewp stoops
jucy juce
dbw up in here

im native
this fuckin land
can get my back hand

you are all hoes
to this jucy juice
feel this dick
itll get the vaginaloose

d-d-d-d-d-dont dis
my fuckin race
or your honkey ass
is goin to get chased

dont front on this culture
or ill swoop you
poop you
and eat you like a vulture

i was here first
the only fuckin primates
if u put me on the rez
ill smash your dinner plates

but on to the subject
on on to the hoes
its for me to toss
some verbal bows and flows

this ones for the times
that stole my fuckin rhymes
this ones for the thiefs
who took of with my beliefs

its for the cleptos
who stole my flows
also for those bigs
who stole all the figs

this goes out to mads and sena
both of them
would gladly suck my weena

the only reason
people chill wit yalls
is cuz you front liek
you gunna suck dey balls

you are all midgets
even shorter than yours truly(cole messed up)
and if u talk smack
i might have to get unruly

im taller than you
i set all dem trends
and now i know why
youz gots no friends

i dumped senas ass
cuz i dont leik her buds
and her ass looks like two pigs
fighting over a milk dud

its jucer and stewps
ima drop this next rhyme
like oops or like
i just dropped my poops

u got acne
its wackne hoho
in factne
i dont need any

you got bad smells
im talkin nasty scents
it doesnt matter that i rhyme
cents with scents

speaking of HOMOs
i know a true fag
when i ate out sena
i coudlnt help but gag

mads spelled backwards
is S-D-A-M
sound that out friend
i think its another homonym

sena spelled backward
spells A-N-E-S
sound that out brotha
and it sounds liek anus

mads gave me a blowjob
but i didnt tell yall fuckies
because shes an embarrasment
and she sucks at suckies

back to the stewper
dont dare call me stupid
or ill shoot you wit my bow
like my name was CUPID

ending with the jucer
im gunna shut this door
both of you are lucky
you stand low like da floor

you shit like the floor
i dont want not of that
and one time
i think i heard mads snort

(some other shit too lazy to listen for lyrics)

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