When I was young I did not understand
The politics that rule this land
Liberty and Justice didn't seem to exist to me
When my family fell victim to hate
The guilty were protected by the state
Stopped on the wrist, then let loose to run free
The love for my family and the love for my kin
To me it's not a sin
I'm tired of the talk and the conservative walk
And the corrupt system we live in
Criminal agitators, liberal legislators
You'll feel my rage from within
You'll hear my cry, tell me no more lies
I'm ready for the war to begin

You insolent fools, I'll break all your rules
From your faces I'll wipe that grin
My thoughts they are strong, to my folk I belong
My family, Racial brothers and kin
I'm ready to fight with a gun or a knife
And anything it takes to win
With the open hand salute, I'll show you the truth
I'm ready for the war to begin

400 men surrounding a cabin
In the land of the free tell me how can this happen?
Murdering women and children in the name of humanity
Tell me who's the true masters of hate
A separist family or a police state?
Tell me who would you brand the public enemy?
They took your son, they took your wife
Without ever giving them a chance
They held you inside, yet your bullets still cried
You made those bastards dance
A battle hardened vet, to the foreign lands you were sent
To lay your ass on the line
Now a renegade man in your own homeland
The will to be separate your only crime...

This means war, you federal whore
I'll make you wish you never lived
Your morals are weak, your standards, they reek
You always take but never give
I'll hunt you, I'll stalk you, kill you one-by-one
The tide will turn to the other way
Hunter becomes the hunted, sentence will be passed
When it comes - Judgment Day!

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