Someone's waiting to fly with me
Someone's saying goodbye everytime she says hello
Cuz they both connect no one with somebody
I'm floating down this airstream
I'm floating and it's every dream I've ever had
And I'm so happy and sad
Cuz they both connect me with when I'd never been a body
Every house is a frame
Anything real has a brain
We talk ourselves out of it
But I've reconsidered it and I'm convinced
Everywhere I look has a face
Everyone who has lived has a place
Right here's every world
Every time draws a line to right now
Hold and turn the infinite
Someone's taking me all over out there

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    General CommentJohn Frusciante introduced this song when he played it live at Angel Orenzans in New York. I have the mp3, and I wrote down what he said:

    "This song is written to a very good friend of mine named Jean, who is a spirit. She was possessing a person who is a very good friend of mine, who was asleep. And we've talked many times, and she tells me about what it is like in other dimensions, like places you'll go after you die. You're actually there right now; there are places that you go after you die, and you're already there. And you're already living that life simeltanously with this, because they're in a kind of time zone...where they are at every time at once. And we're only at this short period of time. People who are spirits, they live in every time zone at once, because they don't have a sense of time. Consequently they can't write songs, and they can't do drugs, they can't have sex, they can' all these things that we do, because we have time. You don't realize that it's's not your flesh, or anything like that. It's time. You're very lucky to have time. You should appreciate it while you have it."

    His introduction ties in well with a song.

    "Someone's waiting to fly with me" seems to refer to where he will go when he dies, and the spirits that will be there with him (or waiting for him). I've seen this idea in interviews before.

    "Someone's saying goodbye everytime she says hello" refers to how the spirits are connecting to everything, thus they can say "hello" and "goodbye" (the opposites of each other) at the same time.

    The next four lines seem to be what the spirit is going through, but I'm guessing more than anything. The spirit is floating, and having every dream it ever had, and, again, being happy and sad (opposites) at the same time.

    "Right here's every world
    Every time draws a line to right now" This one is more obvious, as John talks about it in the quote.

    The lines I didn't cover I somewhat have an idea about, but I wouldn't be able to explain myself well. Some more to do with how things are connected (to the spirits? I'm not sure there) in some way.

    Anyway, this is what I got from the song.
    Sherlock Hon October 29, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthis is such a great song!

    I think this is about not finding the one you love yet, but knowing that they are out there and that you will find them eventually.
    onezeroon July 06, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI mispelled simulatneously* I was typing as I listenened, so I wasn't paying attention to the words -_-
    Sherlock Hon October 29, 2007   Link
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    General CommentSorry for the triple comment.

    When I say Frusciante is talking about "where he will go when he dies," I don't mean that in a negative/sad/depressing light. I mean it in the sense that he'll be going to a different dimension/time. An interview with John in 1997 has John talking about death positively:

    "Death is a place I'm really looking forward to being in," he says later, strumming a vintage Gibson acoustic in a small room crammed with videos, CDs and art books on Van Gogh, Duchamp, Basquiat and Da Vinci. "I can also be very happy in this life, but it's usually happiness that I get from other lives I've lived and other dimensions. This life is hardly important to me. It's very small compared to the importance that I think the fourth and fifth dimension have. Those places are much more real to mee, like when you have a dream and it's more real to you than real life. Compared to where I'll be going, this life seems like a dream that just feels like a dream."

    Granted, that was 97, and he seems more optimistic about this life now (or maybe it's just me), but you see what I mean.
    Sherlock Hon October 29, 2007   Link
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    General CommentLove the line 'I'm so happy and sad'. John uses oxymorons in so many of his songs, 'death before life' 'Icicles are flames in the city' 'being wrong meant being right'...stuff like that... but these lyrics make sense somewhere in the back of your mind when john says them.

    A very positive song. Like Sherlock H says he seems so much more optimistic now and happier, and its really nice to see him like this.
    Aeneas11on November 10, 2007   Link

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