This is the way that it’s got to be
It all comes back around and eventually
You will wind up alone
Chasing dreams that are grown
In a bottle that’s weighing on you like a stone.

‘Running off at the mouth, tell the world what you think
Sit back and relax and inhale the next drink.
Keep nursing it down, keep spitting it out
Keep thinking that you’re way up high in the clouds
Keep nursing it down, Keep spitting it out
Until you find that there’s finally no one around
And your soul’s like a box full of old broken clocks and the night ain’t too far
Tickkety-tock, Tickkety-tock-tock.

What’s up my Cracker?
Lots of love, lots of love be coming your way
But you’re tossing it up for the next fuc*ing thing.
So blind to the fact that this girl is for real
And she sure ain’t one who’s afraid to fuc*in’ feel it.
But you’re lost, you’re lost and it’s such a damn shame.
She’s needing you, breathing you, dreaming your name.
Put me in your place see if I do the same.
Put me in your place see if I got the game.
See if I make a change, see if I rearrange the damage
you’ve done and the mess that you’ve made.
See if I make a change, see if I rearrange, see if I can create a new world for this lady.

Who would have thought it would have come to this,
Now you’re sippin’ on a forty, toungin’ with a miss.
And I’m out of luck, trippin’ with a twitch.
Who would have thought it would have come to this?
I never thought I would have to explain it, I never thought I would be rearranging.
I’ve been there more times than my nose could cocaine it,
I’ve spit out more tears than I could refrain from.

You’ll find that her silence is the thing that kills you.
It eats you alive and it slowly distills you.
You will not believe what an imbecile you’ve been and
you’ll burn but you’ll learn and that’s the fire you’re needing.

(Elevation) Heat is rising. (Elevation) Raise it up. (Elevation) Take it slow. (Elevation) Lift it up.

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