God bless the men who've learned to put their lives upon the line,
and God bless the men who've learned to sip the sacrifical wine
God bless the men who'll murder in th service of the Lord;
Blessings from the Chaplain of the War.

Give thanks to the parents who taught them as a boy they must obey
Give thanks to the church who taught them how to pose and how to pray
Give thanks to the schools who taught them well what they are fighting for
Blessings from the Chaplain of the War.

I know it will be hard, your finger on the trigger might refrain
But someone's dealt the cards and the Bible says you're clearly not to blame
Just think about the past, all the Christian guns who've carried on before
with the Blessings of the Chaplain of the War.

The enemy is godless, the holy way is one they never knew
Forgive them as you kill them, believe me, they know not what they do
And the prisoners you take, you can try to lead them to the Christian shore
now Blessings from the Chaplain of the War.

Now you may find it strange that a man of peace is asking you to fight
But the church is known to change, embracing half the wrongs it hopes to right
I can't describe the times, I've wrestled with my conscience to the core
now Blessings from the Chaplain of the War.

If the worst comes to be and you crumble in the misty cloud of pain
I'll fall down to my knees and beg for every mercy on your name
And your soul will be safe for heaven knows the burdens that you bore
with the Blessings from the Chaplain of the War.

When you go for broke and the taking of a life may leave you lost
Rising from the smoke is the all-inspiring vision of the cross
Sending you the strength to show you that you can struggle more
with the blessings from the Chaplain of the War.

The commandments are torn we'll teach them when the victory fire glows
Now my collar is worn just above my military clothes
The religion of the flag, the servant of the saviour and the sword
Now Blessings from the Chaplain of the War.


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    General Comment"Chaplain Of The War" and "The Cannons Of Christianity" make apt criticisms of Christianity in history and current society. Children are indoctrinated into Christianity and a civic religion so that they will be prepared to follow orders in the name of the church or the nation. Then, when the orders come, they often conflict with the morals they were taught. "Thou shalt not kill" is put on the back-burner until the end of the war.

    This makes me think of the famous quote: "Men will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest."
    lostsplineon July 29, 2007   Link

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