I'm writing a letter, that I'll never send.
Hope has always kept me with you,
but we've taken to long to pretend.
I'd send this letter if I thought, (if I thought..)
it wouldn't crush us both (crush us both..)
Wouldn't stop our innocence.
Wouldn't stop our growth.

It's not the same this time.
Can't walk away and call you tomorrow.
You'll be leaving soon,
and this time I can't follow.

Now someone else has found interest in me,
and I'm sure I like her too.
But she hasn't seen those things,
that you and me have gone through.

You've been involved with someone else, (someone else..)
and that's soon how I will be. (I will be...)
A deadline's set of my regret, (my regret...)
deadline 'till I feel guilty. WHOA!!

Not your average love song and it's not your average tale,
not your happy ending, protagonists don't fail.
Even Romeo and Juliet died at each other's side,
we can always say I loved you,
but can we ever say we tried?

(bitchin trumpet part)

You'll be leaving my life, come September.
Maybe see you on holidays
When you come to remember.
The time we met, times we regret, the times we seemed to
Leave to start our lives, and then that's it.
That's It, That's IT!

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