I want to take on the world...

Start waking up
Cuz just another day is just another war
Nothing can match the riot in my hands
I will be the truth you can't ignore
So speak up against the cold floor
Lock up the gate and I'll find your front door
I was born in the chaos of waste
Looking for a reason to get back at the back at the world

Cold naked protest
No I'll never rest
Cold naked protest
Every day

1, 2, 3, 4 knockin' down your door
It's ten million fists and this time its war
5, 6, 7, 8 is it hate or fate?
A second thought is a second too late
1, 2, 3, 4 knockin' down your door
Black and white and rich and poor
Who draws the lines of how you're defined?
Just another number or a sovereign mind?

When you look down on me
You keep your eyes to the ground
That's exactly where
You'll find your fucking lungs ripped out

I swear
Some day
I'll find
A way
You can't
You'll pay

What's the price of peace
We're pulling on a leash
Sedated every day by the soundbite rhetoric you see
Give me another piece of campaign candy to suck on
God it makes my stomach sick
Have to admit though, it's a beautiful thing
The gun shots and sirens, I can't hear the doves sing
We are a future lost in digital infinity
Looking for a reason to get back at the world

You'll find your body rotting in a gutter motherfucker

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