"Is It Like Today?" as written by and Karl Edmond De Vere Wallinger....
Many years ago
Looked out through a glassless window
All that he could see
Was Ba-bylon
Beautiful green fields
and dreams
and learned to measure the stars
but there was a worry in his heart

He said
How could it come to this?
We're really worried about living
How could it come to this?
Yeah we really wanna know about this

Is it like today?

Then there followed days of kings, empires and revolutions
Blood just looks the same
When you open the veins
And sometimes it was faith, power or reason as the cornerstone
but the furrowed brow has never left his face

He said
How could it come to this?
We're really living in a landslide
How could it come to this?
Yeah we really wanna know about this

Is it like today?

Then there came a day
Man, packed up, flew off from the planet
He went to the moon, to the moon
To, to the moon, the moon
now he's out in space
Hey, fixing all the problems
He comes face to face with God

He say
How could it come to this
I'm really worried about my creation
How did it come to this
You're really killing me you know

It isn't just a day
Is it like today?
Is it like today?
Oh Bang!

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"Is It Like Today?" as written by Karl Edmond De Vere Wallinger

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Is It Like Today? song meanings
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    General CommentIs there anyone who knows what this song ('Is it like today' by World Party) is actually about and if it is a remake of an older song? I saw that there is a version by Sheryl Crow, but have no idea if she remade this or someone else's song.
    tmaguire18on April 11, 2007   Link
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    General CommentSheryl Crow has performed this, but it is originally done by World Party. Both versions are quite nice. :)

    This song, to me, is about humanity over time. Over the centuries, the questions are still the same. Why are we here? What are we doing? What purpose do we have? How could it come to this?
    meggybearson July 07, 2007   Link
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    General Commentmeggybears has one level. the song is a bit deeper than that - it's about the cyclic destruction man brings to the planet. The questions do remain constant - even though man advances. "Is it like today? BANG!" (nuclear war or some cataclysmic event wipes out humanity's advancement) This is the theme of the whole album.

    Though literally it can be interpreted two ways. pessimisticly - as Man never learns "is this as good as it's ever gonna get?" OR optimistically - through recreation / rebirth (the last stanza) Man will be given an infinite number of chances for redemption. Knowing Wallinger's views, this is not an optimistic song...but interpret what you like.
    rajwoodsonon December 23, 2007   Link
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    General CommentIt seems like there's something significant you might have missed. In the first couple verses, it's the people looking around them, asking "How could it come to this?", but in the last verse, with man on the moon, it's actually God which speaks the chorus. "I'm really worried about my creation."
    That makes the line, "You're really killing me, you know" all the more powerful. It's about how we have a tendency to think ourselves the center of the universe -- the most important players on the block. There's always something larger than us.

    For me, it seems like it's about recognizing that humanity is NOT all there is. We look around
    LemurMasteron January 07, 2008   Link
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    General CommentA fun, musical journey through history!
    Superblaston July 02, 2004   Link
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    General CommentA four verse precis of the book, "A History Of Western Philosophy" by Bertrand Russell
    usernickon May 03, 2008   Link
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    My InterpretationLove this song. Usernick has it when he mentions "A History Of Western Philosophy" by Bertrand Russell. Great melody and great lyrics. Speaking of lyrics...

    First chorus is messed up, it uses "I" instead of "we". It should be:

    He said
    How could it come to this?
    I'm really worried about living
    How could it come to this?
    Yeah, I really wanna know about this

    Second verse is missing:

    Is it like today?
    Uh, uh-uh

    Then there came a day, moved
    Out cross the Mediterranean
    Came to rest on isles and the Greek young men
    And with their silver beards they laughed
    At the unknown of the universe
    They could just sit and guess God's name
    rjdon October 01, 2014   Link

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