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killing me
he's killing me
we killing me
me killing me

killing me ......

infectious human waste
prostate gods


a testosterone feeding drone
multiplying, multiplying hungry clones

time to
the HIVE



our time has come!!!

you're just as weak as me
but not as strong!

just as imperfect!
but twice as flawed!

i see your skin
and i hate the way

you look at me!
and softly invade

eye'm afraid!
rage intensified!

i'll feel no fear or hate as i ...
commit ....

girls in the playroom

servants in the workplace
slaves to lies!!


those who refuse to grow
we leave behind

!give death to them!
with an evolved state of mind

no one's listening
save your cries

everything they taught
was a lie

hear me now this battlecry

- what to wear
- what to eat
- what to feel
- what to think
- how to act
- how to speak
- insecure
- incomplete!!


.. apple eater!
.. deceiver!
.. protector of the way!

this is the beginning of my Liberation!


Lillith, Eve, Isis, Kali





no compassion
kill your masters!

kill your masters
kill your masters
kill your masters

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Menocide song meanings
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    General Commentuhh so obvious. woman... all the shit they suffer.. peer pressure is so extreme. how to feel, how to act.. GOD!! you see these 9-year-old girl on the street looking like Las Vegas' cheap-ass tramps.. THICK THICK make-up, halter tops, mini-skirts. because they are pressured by models who look so PERFECT, and they're supposedly flawed. so they think to themselves: "i have to a be a certain way, look a certain way. or else no one'll like me!" so they go so far beyond that they do these horrible acts to themselves. y'know? so yeah....
    Perfect_Scarson September 01, 2005   Link
  • +2
    General CommentHamstertube, settle down. Seriously. Firstly, "Menocide" is not to be taken literally, obviously. Secondly, the fact reminds to this day that women -are- oppressed in many countries around the world. Perhaps it is not as common nor as blatant here in the western world, but look at all of the other nations where women are still considered less than human. Notice how this song mentions female circumcision and burnings? These things and countless other atrocities still happen everyday throughout the world. Women are tortured and slaughtered for the slightest deviation from subserviance. Open your fucking eyes. If you think a song like this constitutes Nazi-like behaviour, take a look at the fascist androcentric regimes that still thrive in our world. One cannot compare this song's message with that of Eminem's music. This is a political song, in my not so humble opinion, and there is nothing political or intellectual to be found in "smackin' bitches" or whatever crap with which you were vainly attempting to equate this.
    katherowenon March 27, 2005   Link
  • +1
    General Commentoh gad!!!!!!!! this song is so amazing, well all there shit is, but this one is indescribably powerful and great!!! every single female in the world should listen to this song!!!!!
    riot_riot_upstarton August 06, 2002   Link
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    General Commentif i could be in a band and cover any song at all, it would be this song. it shows the rage that most of us women have when men are bad to us. very powerful, as all of otep's songs are.
    IAmTheEvenstaron April 22, 2004   Link
  • +1
    General Commentmenocide is indeed a made up word screamindemons, but it's actually 2 words combined: men+homocide, she's soo smart.. i fucking love you otep...
    Add+name+hereon March 05, 2006   Link
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    General CommentHamstertube, relax. It's a SONG. One of the purposes of writing and performing songs is to release tension and strong emotions. Just because Otep wrote a song about it doesn't mean she really wants to slaughter every man on earth (why would she if there's men in her band? Think about that...) and it certainly doesn't mean she hates them. Again, it's A SONG...yes, look at it, listen to it, search for it's meaning, but DON'T TAKE IT SO GODDAMN LITERALLY.
    x_tank_kitten_xon August 21, 2006   Link
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    General CommentPosts like the above--unwitting knee-jerk apologies for misogyny--spell out the reason why songs like "Menocide" are needed.

    Otep's not in need of therapy, she's not sick. What _is_ sick is a society that condemns the oppressed for speaking out. What's sick is denying the sickening statistics we all know about, how many women are raped per hour, how many beaten in their homes, and so on, and so on.

    What's sick is condemning an artist for giving vent to emotions nearly every thinking and feeling entity of half the globe's population has felt at one time or another. The caricature of the "evil manhating dyke/feminist" is terribly convenient because it discredits the fact that it's EVERY woman. And so any woman that has a moment of pure unbridled rage--even if it's just in a song, not in actually going out and committing murder--is "crazy", "man-hating", etc. Same old bullshit propaganda.

    This all reminds me of when Body Count's "Cop Killer" came out--some whites completely missed the point of the song, the rage some in the black community felt toward police brutality. All they could do was shake their heads like disapproving old grannies, wondering why "those people" (blacks, women, gays, what-have-you) didn't just shut up already.

    Feel pity for these people...the more progress is made, the harder a time they're going to have of it.
    Rachel Summerson July 19, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthe song menocide is more then just speaking out on the oppresion of women, granted it is sexist, granted it has some dirt in the words, but as a male otep fan listening to this song it has alot more meaning then the oppresion given to women around this world. i am not denying the fact and reality of this song but what i am saying is this song to me gives a message that a person should not have to kneel to their knees in the name of a master, boss, keeper, parent, man, women, etc that a person should live freely and with out worries of being treated like shit. this is only my opinion and thats whats so great about a website about this is people can voice their opinion on a song they feel relevent to and be heard by other fans, artist, etc menocide is not just saying kill all men in the world its saying stand up speak out and strike back!
    sdmf666dimebagon January 15, 2008   Link
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    General CommentLyrics in a handful of Otep's song suggest that she was indeed, raped/victimized by her father or a father figure. No doubt, these seemingly repetitive, unwanted sexual encounters have most likely tainted her mind, not poisoned, just allowed her to have a different view of humanity. Now, of course it is not true that all men rape, all men victimize women, etc, BUT, being a victim of rape and incest, will most definitely change a person's outlook.

    Seeing as this happened to her as a child, this certain thought that she has about men must be years old, thought up by a young girl who was violated. Surely, if this had happened to her later on in life, perhaps her opinion would be different. Alas, she was affected by tragedy at such a young age. Whoever did this to her has infected her mind, and being a child of neglect and abuse (it seems), surely her parents had not taken the time to feed her healthy thoughts about the world, etc. Therefore, she started thinking for herself at such a young age. She's kept these childish thoughts, and turned them into art.

    Also, music and songwriting is obviously a therapeutic outlet for her, it probably helps her cope with memories of the past because victims of rape still have phycological issues and emotional pain up to fifteen years after the encounter.
    Ligatureon July 13, 2008   Link
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    General CommentAwww, don't worry guys, the patriarchy is still firmly in place, and it will take more than one measly little song to topple it. You can all sleep at night and continue feeling safe when you walk down the streets alone at night. Now go look up Cannibal Corpse's lyrics, and shut the fuck up.
    Into_the_Nihilon September 03, 2008   Link

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